Help me choose out my birthday gift!

  1. month is my 14th birthday, & my daddy said that I could get a COACH purse...I can't decide on getting which one...I really like the purses in my signature below...but I can't seem to pick which one! can somebody please help me choose!? NOTE; this is my 1st COACH bag. :yahoo: Thanks.
  2. i think the carly is most practical.
  3. Yes, that's what I'm shooting for! =]
  4. Carly :tup:
  5. the denim tote is awesome. i have the medium sized one and i love it. plus, it's a little different and i haven't seen anyone with one yet!
  6. I agree w/ her! I have this one too #11179 and ADORE's cute, just the right size, and I get TONS of compliments on it. It goes w/ ALL kinds of clothing, especially jeans!!!! and you can use this color YEAR ROUND!!! I vote for the denim signature stripe bag!!!!
  7. I say the Carly...luv it!!!
  8. hahaha, MOMMYVILLE you and i should start a Denim Stripe Sig Tote lovers subforum like they have here with Carlys!
  9. OKAY!!!! I'm IN Hrimaliv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes:
  10. Denim tote
  11. Carly!!
    I like all of your choices though, so I don't think you can go wrong.
  12. The carly is a great first bag!
  13. The one in your sig is the Carly top handle pouch, that's different from the regular Carly. I just want to be clear. The top handle pouch is VERY small. I don't think it would make a good handbag. It's just too tiny and wouldn't be able to fit very much. Maybe a medium Carly instead? Just wanted to throw that out there. :smile:
  14. I was thinking that the medium would be a better size but didn't know if cost was an issue...I love the medium size though :yes:
  15. thanks ladies! I'm thinking of getting the denim tote! =]