HELP me choose one

  1. the first bag is the francesco biasia small object of desire stachel, the second is the ellen tracy doctor bag.

    they look kinda similar with the two front pockets, but i can't decide which is better!?

    TIA ;)
    246CDAD4.jpg 254709_fpx.jpeg
  2. Between the 2, I'd choose the first one.
  3. Agree, number 1 looks sleeker to me.
  4. I prefer the first one--are you going to get it in black? That looks very nice!!
  5. The first one.
  6. Definitely the Biasia (1st one).
  7. The first one.
  8. thanks everyone for your quick responses! i like the first one also cuz i'm afraid the ellen tracy top closure part would look too stiff/structured.

    but now i can't find the FB on the pinkmasacara site where i first saw it...and they seem to be the only online store carrying it!? arghhhhh...
  9. francesco biasia! looks more elegant. i don't get the handles on the ellen tracy bag.
  10. They are not my type at all. Compare with this two, I like the first one.
  11. The first one!
  12. Very similar!!
    I would go for the first, not digging the loose braid like handles or the rounded side bulges on the second.
  13. I like the first one the best. Good luck with your decision!!
  14. you guys are GREAT!! =)

    now i just gotta hunt down the first one somewhere on the web....ha