Help me choose one

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  1. ok, girls

    I came back from europe last weekend and no luck of finding my dreamed birkin.

    However, i did saw two candidates at my local consignment store. They carry a lot of second hand brand name stuff, but for these two birkins, they are brand new from 2006.

    Anyway, now here is the thing:

    choice 1: 35 black with Potiron (not sure if it is Potiron) stitching, so the inner linning is also orange,
    leather is Chevre
    selling: 11000 (maybe 500 less)

    choice 2: 35 blue jean
    leather is Togo
    selling: 12000 firm

    which one do u gals think is more classic, verstile?

    I like the Chevre, it is so light on my arm, but the blue jean is TDF...
  2. Hi - sorry you had no luck in Europe. If you're planning to spend that much, why not look on ebay at :

    These sellers sell authentic bags and, for what you're about to spend at the C shop, you could choose from dozens of colors...
    Even a few chevre!
  3. thanks greentea

    in fact i did checked those sellers, but the price is not much different since the two birkins at the consignment store are also brand new 2006.
  4. I love the blue jean but prefer the chevre leather. Okay... I know that doesn't help :sad2:

    I like greentea's idea... I know a lot of people would rather wait and purchase their bag at an Hermes store... but I like instant gratification!
  5. Black is great and a classic, but EVERYONE is trying to get a blue jean Birkin! If you get that one, guaranteed more envious stares!
  6. They have my dream birkin!!! The blue jeans.. Oh my~!

    I guess you know where my heart lies...
  7. exactly, the waiting is so painful!!!!:Push: especially the one u love is right in front u face~~~~~~~~~~~:wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  8. Whichever one your gut *loves* :love: more should be the one you buy! Post pictures soon!
  9. Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!! blue jean is so beautiful~~~~~~~~~~~~:love: :love:
  10. ur mom's ostrich is also TDF :love:
  11. It is so hard to pick.

    For practical reasons, i would prefer the goat skin since it is so light!!!!! It makes the bag so much more easier to carry even stuffed with lots of things. And believe me, i have a LOT of things... :P Also the blk with orange stitching makes it looks very unique yet special and not easy to get dirty, blue jean is relatively light color.

    For sheer beauty concern, blue jean is THE color for birkin, so gorgeous~~~~~ OMG :love:
  12. I'm a HUGE BJ fan, but an even bigger chevre fan. IMO, A Chevre Birkin is more rare than a BJ Togo.
  13. SO true, i love chevre, but i think Togo does look better on blue jean, and chevre is great for black; which makes the choices even harder~~~~~:Push: :Push: :Push: :Push:
  14. I love blue jean! I just think the color is amazing :love:and the bag really stands out and commands attention!
  15. last night, i spent hours to explain to my bf about the 101 of birkins, with graphics, even hand written hightlights of the differences. And finally he figured it out :suspiciou (or at least i think he did)

    Then he asked me how much is the markup for the bag and i told him around 3k to 5k and he looked at me and sighed, girls, i can never figure out...

    Then he went on web for about 15 minutes and came back to me with a happy face saying that he saw lots of people said they've got birkin sightings all over europe. So instead of getting the one in the store by paying a huge markup, he will book a trip to europe for my birthday and he will hunt the bag with me one store after another.

    I am so touched by him. I think he did not want to disappoint me by saying the birkin does not worth that much but instead he would want me to get more than the bag itself. :lol:

    I love this man~~~ :love: :love: