Help me choose one for mother's day gift!

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  1. I really want to get my mom a coach purse next month and I'm kind of undecided between the hamptons signature perforated carryall or a medium carly bag (I'll probably be borrowing it every now and then if i do :yes:). Any other suggestions for a good size handbag? Not sure whether this is help, but my mom is in her mid 40's and likes neutral colors.
  2. How about a camel colored Ergo?
  3. I think she prefers signature style over leather from what I noticed when we are in stores.I probably should ask, but that would really give away the gift.
  4. I'd go with the medium carly - it's such a cute bag and fits a ton of stuff!
  5. Yup, Carly = love
  6. i think the carly is more casual and the carryall is more elegant and structured...depends on her preference and needs, but I think both are lovely, classic bags that I'm sure she will love
  7. I think the carly would be a great gift.
  8. Well, I am your Mom's age and I love both bags and happen to own both. I have a version of that Hamptons bag from a few years back in the black signature. It is a great bag. Did you see the Optic version in the Khaki-I think that is a beautiful bag. I love the Carly and I know she would, too. The real only question is which bag would she get to use more often. The Hamptons Carryall is great but if she is usually dressed casually I would definitely get the Carly. She must be a great Mom if you are considering such lovely gifts for her. :flowers:
  9. I'd vote for the carryall if your mom is more traditional, but the Carly works if she is hip and young. :smile: I'm going to get the carryall for my mom for mothers day/her bday, but most likely in the pebbled leather.
  10. both are good choices!! your mom is going to be one happy lady!
  11. Carly!
  12. maybe i should get both lol then my mom and i can rotate :nuts:, but right now i think i'm leaning more towards the hamptons carryall. She doesn't carry too much stuff and she carries lots of structured bags. I guess I'll have to go to the store and look at it in person to find out first.
  13. the carryall is a bit more elegant while the carly I see as more youthful. In either case, I think either bag would work well.
  14. My mom is in her mid 50's and is about to purchase the Hamptons herself. She is also into very neutral colors and it's a really nice bag. She has never owned a Coach bag before and this is the one that is making her go Coach! Good luck with your decision! I know your mom will love either one!