Help me choose next bag and do I need to do it tonight


Nov 30, 2009
Spring Lake, NJ
My dh was going to be getting me one in July for a anniversary/bday present (October) can you help me decide? And with this rumor increase I’m nervous. The last bag I wanted (bumbag) went up and now isn’t available anyway. So I’ve been contemplating the palm spring pm in reverse(absolutely love reverse and don’t have any). I do have the mm size as well but find it to big for daily use. I have a 5 year old so when we’re out all day (pre covid) loved it for his snacks drink etc. so the pm seems more logical now daily and the idea hands free during the pandemic seems like a good idea too. Do we think the ps will have an increase?

If not the ps I was thinking maybe the speedy 25b in de (I have the 30b in mono) or I know not handsfree but the graceful mm in de or mono (I have it in azur and love it)
Thank you and hope everyone is safe and healthy


Feb 3, 2013
Lawrenceville, GA
I heard by 9-10 a.m today prices will increase but with all these rumors who knows. I was able to preorder the reverse double zip pochette before the increase just in case. I have the ps in reverse and love it. It’s not too much reverse but just enough to make it stand out as different aesthetically IMO. The speedy 25b is another good contender. I think most of the popular bags will see as increase..
Oct 3, 2007
My daughter in law has the PS PM and loves it. She has a 1 1/2 year old. I have a Speedy 25 and the opening is really hard to get in and out of easily. With a little one time is of the essence ;)


Apr 20, 2020
I’d say the Palm Springs PM because it’s the perfect size backpack and it’s still cute!
I owned a Speedy B25 in DE and sold it because it was too bulky for me and with my 5 month old son I just found it too cumbersome. I also wore it crossbody and the way it stuck out on the side wasn’t flattering (5’2” for reference). Although, the speedy is such a classic and if you like that shape then go for it!