HELP me choose new sunglasses


Which sunnies should i get?

  1. Chanel 5066 in beige/brown

  2. Chanel 5066 in brown tortoise

  3. Chanel 5055 in black (squarish ones)

  4. Dior black

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  1. the only pair of nice sunglasses i own are these dior purpley ones with metal rims from years and years ago so i figured it's time for me to move on but i can't seem to choose and i know u ladies have impeccable taste so i thought i'd enlist your help......i know that sunglasses look differnt on different faces but i'd still like to know which styles/colors you like best.....oh and just for reference i've been told i have a giant head (kinda longish i guess :sad:)

    #1 is Chanel style 5066 in beige/brown

    #2 is also Chanel style 5066 but in brown tortoise

    #3 is Chanel style 5065 in black

    and #4 is a pair of Dior (dunno style number)
  2. I like #3, Chanel 5065. They're cute! :love:
  3. I would say if you can,try them on! It is hard to say which style would flatter you the best?
  4. #3!
  5. some photos of the 5066 style on celebs for reference :P


    ashlee is wearing the tortoise here i think

  6. and style 5065.....sorry these images are humongous :shame:

  7. I like the first one
  8. I like the Dior's..
  9. oh no everybody seems to be split pretty evenly :worried:............if anybody actually owns any of these and can tell me what they think that'd be great also :biggrin:......i'm just looking for an oversized, comfy pair that'll look good on and will also look cute on my head :P
  10. Numero uno! That's what I would choose.
  11. oh no selena those are gorgeous :Push:..........i have chanel glasses (for vision not sunglasses) that are similar and i absolutely love that style.....decisions decisions :wacko:
  12. They also stay on your head good for a headband! LOL
  13. another color to add to the mix......same style as above but black (i guess i'm drawn to black sunglasses) :worried:

  14. i've always had DIORS up until last Summer!!! But i've stuck my vote in for CHANEL! i totally think the first pair is cute!