Help me choose new CLs!

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  1. So far I have the triclo (dk red patent), iowa 100 (black patent), new simple 120 (pewter nappa). I pre-ordered the mount street in pink (woo!) and i plan to get a pair of black jazz or black patent decolletes pretty soon.

    I definitely want to get a pair of pigalle (either 120 or 100) and no prive or very prive (leaning towards no prive b/c I have no slingbacks yet). Help me choose colors? i don't want to get basic black or nude but nothing *too* crazy either, and I don't really like suede. I loved the silver greasepaint pigalle but I don't think I can still get a pair ): I am thinking of getting the black jazz/burgundy heel no prive but not totally sure yet. Any suggestions?
  2. I really like the black jazz NP with burgundy heel! :tup: There's also the black greasepaint NP on the Neimans website (

    If you would like a bit of color, the Neimans stores have a very pretty laminato purple NP. It's similar to JuneHawk's Simples posted on
  3. You've got a good start with your CLs. I think sakura's made some great suggestions for the NPs. If you like metallics, I think the Turbella and the Fortuna would be good.