Help me choose my winter white bag!

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Which bag should I buy?!

  1. Coach gathered sophia

  2. Coach madison shoulder bag

  3. MK calista satchel

  4. MK hamilton satchel

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So, I really want something in creamy white, and I can't decide! I've been loving Michael Kors for a while and I'm thinking about getting one.... or one of these two coach bags.
    It would feel weird to buy something non coach though....
    So here are the options... They are all within $100 of each other...

    Coach gathered large madison sophia in bone
    Coach large madison shoulder bag in bone
    Michael Kors Calista Satchel in vanilla
    Michael Kors Large hamilton satchel in vanilla

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  2. Hmmmm, so most of you guys are voting for the large madison shoulder.... I do love it... I'm just second guessing, since I have two already. The crimson and mahogany. This is my only reservation:smile: It is my first choice though....
  3. I picked the shoulder bag. It's beautiful! I am loving all the reveals of this bag and am afraid I am going to have to give in soon and get the gathered one. BTW, I love your signature...Your bag looks so great against the white couch...makes me think of Oreo cookies...yum!
  4. I would either go with another shoulder bag but if you want something different then get the sophia
  5. I really like the two MK bags, but I have my reservations. When I was in the new store the SA was telling me, they only cover their bags for 1 year and apparently they're "durable" but do have to babied a LOT.
  6. Yes this is part of my reservation. MK doesn't look after their customers like coach. They only have a 10 day return policy and I'm a little put off that they aren't matching their US and canadian prices like coach does. Why should I pay $100 more for a bag here than there when our dollar is the same value right now?
    I do really like the hamilton bag though...
  7. I voted for the Calista satchel because it's gorgeous. But now I think I want to change my vote to the Hamilton. You already have 2 Shoulder Bags and the MK Vanilla is gorgeous (I can't remember what bag I recently saw it on though). But I do remember the Hamilton (I saw it in a orange color IRL) and it's TDF! So get the Hamilton!!!
  8. I love the calista satchel!
  9. coach gathered large madison sophia in bone...I think thats a nice color
  10. I voted MK Hamilton! That's the classiest bag out of all 4, and will be in style for years to come!
  11. ya know, truthfuly,,, id like to say go for another designer just to mix things up a bit,,,,, cause im usaully so "NOT FAITHFUL" to any bag,,, but FRIGGEN COACH has really been turning out the eye appeal!! i really like the mad shoulder over the others,,, but thats just me.
  12. i love the madison shoulder bag! its big and classy. i voted for it. my second choice is the gathered sophia.
  13. OP, how do you plan to wear your winter white bag? I've never carried a white bag in winter but I bought the kristin bag at the link below last month and I haven't used it yet. I would love to carry it before next spring/summer but I am not sure when I could wear it. Winters are pretty rough here in the midwest and I think that a white bag would need to be treated delicately even in nice weather; what are the winters like where you live?
  14. OMG, same here. I first voted Calista then looked again and thought Hamilton looks nicer. ALso b/c you have 2 shoulder bags, I vote for MK. Rarely do I stray from Coach but that wandering eye hits every once in a a hormonal cycle LOL.

    (Been away from this Board for what feels like ages! So nice to catch up a bit tonight)
  15. Coach Gathered!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I bought the grey one, its truly amazing!