Help me choose my wedding band !

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  1. Dear all,

    I'm getting my classic Tiffany setting engagement ring next week. ️ I'm not sure which wedding band should I paired with my e-ring and would like to have your advice and opinion on choosing my wedding band. I'm very interested on either Tiffany shared setting or channel set wedding band. Please refer to the attached photos for reference. Those photos are not mine. I just found it in google. Your advise is much appreciated! Ta~ ️️

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  2. I think they are both lovely. Congrats by the way! the bottom picture is my personal favorite!
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  3. Shared prong band with a prong set e ring. I have that combo and I love it.
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    LOVE the bottom pic! I think it makes the ER diamond stand out and prefer not to see the metal on the edges of the band. I personally think that it makes the diamonds in the band look smaller.
    ETA: It would not bother me but the bottom pic does look like there is a slightly larger gap between the bands where as, the first pic, the gap looks smaller. It is a personal preference how flush you want them. My orig setting did not sit flush at all and hated it, so I wore them on separate hands. But, with your pics, I don't think that it would be an issue w either setting.
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  5. Definitely the second picture
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  6. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. ️ has anyone of you having the issue of the shared prong wedding band will scratch the shank or prong of the engagement ring ? I read couple of reviews on weddingbee forum had that issue.
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  7. IMG_1498953230.687968.jpg
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  8. Here is mine, "3.7mm shared-setting diamonds half circle band", total diamond 1.20CT, G/VVS1, with my Soleste E-ring. No issue for scratching at all. IMG_7594.JPG
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  9. I have heard numerous people talk about the diamonds of the band wearing down the metal in their engagement rings. You can find pictures online of this wear and tear. I personally prefer the 1st band. But the 2nd is gorgeous too!
  10. What did you choose in the end? I think the channel setting is my favourite choice but both look beautiful together.
  11. I agree with Havanese! I like the second ring more! I'm not really a fan of channel set rings!