Help me choose my very First Hermes

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  1. Hello Hermes lovers, I am very new to Hermes as I've seen pictures of the birkins and have admired only but now I'm contemplating on getting one. I am in a dilemma however. I have found a few Black 35 cm togo leather Birkins on Portero and a Gris Tourterelle with GH also in togo. For those who don't mind looking at the links below, could you please help me decide.

    1. Should I go for the Black or the Gris Tourterelle?

    2. If you suggest Black then should I go with the GH or Palladium hardware?

    Thank you and here are the links to all the bags I'm drooling over right now and cannot decide:





  2. I like black wth palladium. My opinion though, since I've never been a fan of grey!
  3. I prefer GHW on most bags... both Black and Gris T are wonderful options with ghw. You really can't go wrong with any of them but I'd go black GHW...
    Are you sure you want a 35? They are very heavy. Just sayin...
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  4. OMG that price will kill me... Back to topic, a black B with GHW or PHW will always be considered a classic that most will have in their closet.
  5. Black with GHW is a classic. Black with PHW is definitely more contemporary. I have both and I love the GHW a little more.
  6. I love the modern look of black with PHW. My preference has always been PHW. Do you have a strong preference? If so, go with that. It's all about personal style and not what someone else prefers. After all, you will be the one using it!

    Gris T is a beautiful neutral too. If this is your first, I'd go with black.

    Good luck!
  7. For the first H bag, i would definitely go for black ghw.
    Good luck!
  8. I tend to use my black bags the most so I would say black with ghw ( i just think black b looks great with ghw) and its very classic. Those website prices though are scary! Do also consider the size 30 as it is preferred by some over 35 which tends to get heavy. Its an expensive purchase take your time!
  9. My personal choice would be black/PHW, but that is mainly because my other metallic adornments (necklace, bracelets, etc.) tend to be silver. I agree with the ladies above re: the prices...paying almost double retail strikes me as almost robbery on the part of these sellers.
  10. Those prices are shocking.
    Have you visited an Hermes boutique? Black Birkins are not difficult to find and if you can I would encourage you to try your luck at one of the boutiques. As others have mentioned here, black with GHW is a lovely classic and black with phw is a bit more contemporary. Gris t is a great neutral...mine appears more tan than gray and it's fabulous with GHW.
    Best of luck to you.
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  11. I so agree with texasgirliegirl.
    Do try and shop at a boutique if you are near enough and are able to be persistent.
    As well as the stories of customers having to to spend loads to build up a rapport there are many others of customers walking in and being able to buy first time.
    As well as the article itself, shopping at Hermes is part of the pleasure of ownership.
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  12. For a first & only one, I would go with Blk GHW . But 35 is gonna be heavy ...
  13. If this is my only Birkin I will go with black with PHW but it depends if you wear a lot of gold then GHW.

    If Birkin is all you want then go thru reseller maybe your only choice, otherwise check out your local H boutique for other beautiful and infesting pieces which may open the door to your dream bag. Good luck.
  14. First q: do you prefer silver or gold hardware?
    That settled, I'd choose black. But both are lovely.
    If price matters to you, this is a pricey reseller and the bags are not in their hands most of the time. Some will be shipping from outside your country and you may incur some very hefty customs duties. Also, Portero Birkins are usually final sale.

    I would purchase from a reseller with whom you can negotiate, who accepts returns, and who has the bag, new, in its box, ready to ship within your country or from somewhere where you won't pay duties (can be 20% or worse). If you're willing to spend $22K you have many, many options. Have fun!
  15. black. either ghw or phw. i tend to wear both gold and white gold. so i choose some of my bags with ghw and some with phw. although most are ghw now come to think of it.