Help me choose my V Day Pressie!!!

  1. After my azur speedy i received on monday my passion for LV has been rekindled! My BF has noticed this and has asked me to choose btwn the following for my V Day pressie... I'm stuck! please help
    1) Sweet Love Scarf (pink one with the hearts and flowers on it... so cute!)
    2) One of the Hearts coin purses (either pearl, pomme or violette) - but wont he have a hard time finding one of these?
    3) One of the vernis cles'

    What do u guys reckon? I think more btwn 1 and 2 for me.. but not sure which one! Help!!!! :drool:

    (I own the epi wallet with a coin compartment inside... altho I don't like the way it makes my wallet bulky!)
  2. If he can get a hold of a Heart Coin Purse, that'll make a perfect V-Day present!
  3. Heart Coin Purse definitely!!!

    Good luck finding one. :flowers:
  4. We live in Northern Ireland... so if he was to call a LV boutique in London or something, would they post it over? Because asking him to fly over to get it might be slightly over the line... hee hee!!!
  5. If he can get a heart coin purse I would go for that, so sweet!
  6. Heart Coin Purse~XO!
  7. heart coin purse!
  8. cles
  9. Heart coin purse! :heart:
  10. i think u should get the scarf
  11. Heart coin purse! how perfect for valentines :biggrin:
  12. If it is at all possible, the heart coin purse is to die for! If not, definitely that scarf. :smile:
  13. Ahh! Congrats on the Azur! Either number 1 or 2! The scarf is sooo cute!
  14. vernis cles in violette!
  15. I think 1 or 3 ... the scarf is TDF but the vernis cles is wayyyyy cute too in the violette color :smile: