Help me choose my sneakers pls! *pic included*

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  1. I am torn between these 2 pairs of new balance sneakers. I would love to get both but I can only choose 1.

    The first one is the purple. I love the color, but it might not be versatile as the grey one. Purple is really popping and adds a great color to the wardrobe. Just that, i am afraid it might be too many colors on me.

    The grey is conventional. I dont think I can go wrong with this. Its versatile and matching. The red sides pop out the appearance. But it can still looks boring compared to the purple.

    Advices please! Thanks!

    Attached Files:

  2. purple!
  3. purple!
  4. Purple!
  5. Purple
  6. purple!
  7. Love purple!
  8. I'm the voice of dissent, I love the grey! Trying to find them in my size, but no luck.
  9. Love purple!
  10. Purple!
  11. Purple!
  12. grey
  13. I would like the gray if it did not have red, so I pick purple. Red is always hard for me to find things that go with it.
  14. Gray
  15. purple