Help me choose my perfect day/night clutch!


Which clutch choice is it?

  1. Chanel clutch

  2. YSL black patent clutch + Lauren Merkin white clutch

  3. Hermes Karo in Blue Jean (or suggest a color)

  4. Kooba Penelope black clutch + LM white clutch

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm hunting for a fun clutch that will take me through spring and summer that I can wear with jeans or dress up for a night out.

    Here are the options I'm currently in love with:

    Choice 1: The Chanel clutch in white caviar - 895.00


    It's a lovely classic piece, that I'm tempted to buy in white. The pricest of the bunch and this would cut down on my purse buying until June.

    Here's Rachel Bilson with the clutch


    Choice 2: YSL Muse Clutch in Patent with Merkin Lambskin - 545.00 + 200.00

    Two clutches for less than the price of the Chanel one is tempting, and the Lauren Merkin one is lambskin. I've always loved the muse style, so it would be great to get something from the line.


    Choice 3: Hermes Karo GM clutch in Blue Jean - 620.00

    Admittedly this is pretty casual, but I'd love to sample the Blue Jean and Hermes line before I dive in. Or do you recommend another color, H lovers?

    Using shoes319's picture to show

    Choice 4: Kooba Penelope in Black + Lauren Merkin in White Lambskin - 298.00 + 200.00

    But in black:


    What's your choice?
    If you own any of these pieces, what are your pros and cons of them?
    Any input would be very appreciated!
  2. They are all nice, but the Chanel is just without doubt the most stunning of the group.
  3. i like this one, i think the proportion suits my taste better

    the chanel undoubtely pretty, but it's too long :p
  4. I like the muse the best-love the latch on it!
  5. Chanel hands down.. it just looks REALLY cute and nice!
  6. :lol: you guys are making my choices harder. I do love both the YSL and Chanel, I am worried though that after buying the Chanel I'll have a bit of remorse just because of the price.

    Loving your input, thank you ladies!! :love: :flowers:
  7. Chanel Chanel Chanel!
  8. Go with the Chanel!
  9. The Chanel is my favorite, but my second favorite is the Kooba!
  10. Chanel!
  11. Do you guys really think the Chanel is a day purse as well? I worry about being too dressy with jeans and a t-shirt.
  12. chanel!!!:tender:
  13. Chanel is gorgeous!
  14. Chanel! That style will carry you through many years!
  15. I like the muse!