Help me choose my next RED Chanel: CWC vs Classic Flap

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  1. Hi all,

    I need some help deciding on my next handbag purchase. My current Chanel collection consists of
    - Metallic dark grey 227 reissue with ruthenium hardware in aged calfskin
    - Tri color medium flap in lambskin, ruthenium hardware (burgundy, dark brown, navy/grey)... I am debating returning this one because it is a bit small for my needs and I have decided I would prefer a bag that is one solid color.

    I initially wanted to get another reissue 227 in a lighter grey with shiny silver hardware, 2005 anniversary edition but I think that might be redundant since I already have a reissue.

    I currently have the option to choose between 2 beautiful red Chanels, both with silver hardware:

    - Jumbo caviar classic flap
    - Clutch with Chain in caviar

    I love both of these bags and at first glance, they do look quite similar to each other. I also love the versatility of the CWC but also love the classic appeal of the jumbo flap.

    Of my entire handbag collection, I do not own a clutch, nor do I own anything red.

    I don't know much about the CWC, that's not one that I have seen too much of here on the forum but I am greatly considering it nonetheless.

    Which would you choose?

    Many thanks for your time and advice.
  2. Also, what is the current going price for the CWC in Caviar? Thanks so much!
  3. $2600 is the current retail for the CWC while the jumbo is $4900. I would suggest that you go to your nearest Chanel store and try on both of these bags, as they are far and away different bags completely and see which one fits your needs. Are you looking for an everyday bag? Are you looking for an evening and sometimes day bag? Are you looking for a hands free bag? Do you want a carefree bag? How much room do you need and what will you be carrying in the bag? What kind of lifestyle do you need the bag to fit into? All of these are questions you should ask yourself before you seek out a specific bag, especially if you are looking to pay a premium on the resale market.
  4. Jumbo caviar classic flap would be a better choice because it holds more. I don't know the price of CWC!
  5. Great points and suggestions!:smile:
  6. Tutushopper, you are always the voice of reason, I am so glad you responded in my thread! I'm looking for a special little red bag to use on nights out and special occasions. I have always loved the look of the jumbo flaps but I'm thinking that it might be too big for my needs. I also usually don't carry loads of items with me during the day so the simplicity of the flap appeals to me.

    In some photos of the CWC that I have seen here on the forum and online, it seems like bunching of the caviar at the top corners of the bag can develop due to weight being carried. Does anyone know if there is a way at all to prevent that bunching from happening?
  7. I think you have provided some much needed answers here. You are looking for something not too big, you don't carry that much, and you are looking for a special nights and occasion bag. That pretty much takes the jumbo off the table, and when you add in that you don't have a clutch of any kind...voila. Your answer is the CWC.

    As to the pulling, that would be from carrying too much in the bag and then carrying it from the chain. Use it more as a clutch, and limit what you carry (nothing too heavy) and you won't have that ussue.
  8. My vote is for the classic flap :smile:
  9. Red classic flap! :biggrin:
  10. Sounds like you are leaning toward the CWC.... Please post a reveal once you made your decision!
  11. I think jumbo will suit your need since it has more room. I have CWC in lavender and it doesn't fit as much as jumbo. If I put too much in the CWC, it will change its shape. You may go to local boutique try them on and decide.
  12. Thanks so much everyone- I have decided to go with the CWC in caviar with silver hardware in 13B red. This will be my first piece in caviar and in red, I am so excited! I'll post when I receive it! :smile:
  13. tough decision I love the jumbo personally and would go for that but since you want a clutch go for the cwc I love that bag as well and like the versatility of it can not wait to see you're reveal once you get the bag u decide upon
  14. I love the jumbo too, but I think I would want it in a different color other than red- maybe a classic black with silver or gold hardware.. so that will likely be my next Chanel for the future. I think for my needs and preferences at this time, the CWC in red is my perfect choice to fill the void in my collection of a small red bag. Plus the fact that it's convertible from clutch to small bag with shoulder strap is an added bonus!
  15. good decision, have you received it?