Help me choose my next purchase!

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Which should I get next?

  1. Black MC speedy

  2. White MC speedy

  3. Red/cream CB papillon

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I would like my next ebay purchase to be either the black MC speedy, white MC speedy or red/cream CB papillon. Which would you choose? Thanks!
  2. White MC Speedy! :yes:
  3. i say the white Speedy
    although the Cherry Blossom Papillon is cute too
  4. I love Black MC so I say Black MC Speedy or Cb Papillion!
  5. White speedy, followed by CB papillon !
  6. I Love All 3! Fashion_junkie ~ You Have Such Great Taste!!! I Picked The Red & Cream CB Papillion.....That Is One Magnificent Bag! :smile:
  7. Black MC Speedy, the white MC Speedy, then the CB papillon.
  8. CB papillon, especially since it's the red/cream color combination :heart:
  9. I'd get the CB Papillon since it's the only 'hard to get item' of these 3 alternatives.
  10. I'd say CB because it's the oldest it will get harder to find in good condition.
  11. white mc speedy :smile:
  12. I say CB because it'll get harder to find whereas the MC are permanent part of collection now.
  13. looks like the black MC speedy isn't that popular. Any reason why? This is such a tough decision, I wish I could afford to get two!
  14. I vote for the CB cute!
  15. In our Toronto weather you would use black MC speedy the most.:love: