help me choose my next ps1

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help pick my next ps1 please.....

  1. burgundy

  2. midnight

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. burgundy or midnight?
  2. Both?! Sorry, I'm not helping am I? :P

    Seriously, I say burgundy.
  3. What colour do you have now? Both are sooo gorgeous but I would choose the Burgundy.
  4. Burgundy! I'm not too crazy about Midnight because it's not dark blue enough for me. Plus I've seen people's Midnight bags that have really changed color.
  5. I like both of them so not helping here either :smile:
  6. If it's going to be a PS1 satchel, I vote for Burgundy - for the same reason that Starbrite mentioned above.

    But, if you are considering the Keep All, I would choose Midnight because I think that it looks fantastic with the silver hardware.
  7. midnight that has changed color to something that is bad....?
  8. No, not bad! I don't think anything can be bad on the PS1 hehe. However, I just saw a girl's large Midnight last week that had changed from the original color to a blue grey. She said she had it for a year, never left it baking in the sun and that she really took care of it. You would have never recognized the color as being Midnight originally, but it didn't look bad :smile:
  9. thanks starbrite....

    keep voting ladies. midnight is winning now.

    I eventually want to have both. But with the holidays coming up, I can only swing one now. midnight is a classic color, right? maybe I should get burgundy first then. thoughts?
  10. I vote midnight :biggrin:
    mine got darker even though I always avoids the sun, but I think (maybe every?)ps1 looks better, more charming when it just turns kind of darker.
    But midnight will come again and again so if you prefer bur burgundy then why not :whistle: it's a gorgeous color too!
  11. You really can't go wrong, but I voted Midnight.
  12. But, since you plan to get both you probably should go for the Burgundy first since it's seasonal.
  13. Burgundy! You won't be disappointed it's gorgeous.
  14. I love both but I saw the burgundy IRL for the first time yesterday and it was gorgeous! I'd go for burgundy before it's gone, you can always get midnight later on.