Help Me Choose My Next Potential Bag!

Which Bag Should I Get Next?

  • Carly Demi Sig - Chocolate

  • Carly Demi Sig - Black

  • Carly Sig Pouch - Chocolate

  • Carly Sig Pouch - Black

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Hey all! So I discovered the name of a Coach bag I saw at Macy's on another thread. Now here is my dilemma:

Macy's has the Signature Carly Demi (believe that is the correct name) on clearance for 25% off. Macy's also has the Friends & Family sale going on which would take off an additional 20%. That would bring the bag down from $218 to about $120.

Here is a picture of it:

So then I noticed that there is the Carly Signature Top Handle Pouch. It's adorable and bigger than the Demi. It only costs $178. I can try to get it at the Coach Store with the 25% PCE card (as soon as I receive it from a fellow tPF'er) or I can get it from Macy's with the 20% Friends and Family Discount. If I get it at Macy's the price will go down to about $140.

Here is a picture of it:

I really shouldn't be shopping for me during the holidays. But I've been so good with my spending on gifts for others. I also am trying to move away from smaller bags. I usually carry my wallet, cellphone, keys, mirror, lip gloss and sometimes my iPod. I never have space for my little makeup bag. The space left in my bags is slowly starting to disappear. I'd love the Medium Carly but I know that is currently out of my range for the rest of the year.

So which bag do you guys vote for? I like the Pouch because it's bigger. But the Demi is adorable!

Then I also don't know which color I would get. Chocolate or Black... *sigh*

I was leaning towards the Black only because I recently purchased the Signature Stripe Tote in Brass/Brown/Bronze. So I figured it would be good to have a bigger black purse as well.

Vote and give me your 2 cents!



Nov 8, 2007
I bought a denim Carly (Demi) in Macy's for $114.00 (I think it was 50% off) and is like the demi you show here but denim. It is cute but I don't think I will do nothing with that bag so I will try to sell it or return it. I am a mom so I just need big bags now! But for the time when I was single it is perfect because you don't need to carry lot of stuff when you are single! I bought it because just because the price was awesome!
Anyways, I think it is a cute bag and they look the same for me. If I am you I buy the Demi because it is a good deal and is very similar to the other.
But remember that it will be your bag and is just your decision, if you like the pouch better and you don't care about the difference in the price buy that one and enjoy! ;)


Enjoying Rain!
Mar 27, 2007
I love the carly pouch because it is a cute, baby carly since it has the same shape as the larger carlys. And I voted black because you just bought a brown bag.


Nov 10, 2007
I voted for the Black pouch because

1. the pouch is a newer bag (i dont know i prefer to have newer bags esp if the price is about the same)

2. i love the chocolate but if u just got brown then go with black (I believe in trying to have bags in different colors) plus the black is cute too!

3. the pouch is cuter overall

4. you have a pce! use it! the pouch will come out to 142.64 with tax (dade tax anyways)

But again this is just my opinion. I think you should go with your gut. You have to prefer one over the other.

Tell us what u decide.