Help me choose my next Everose TT Rolex!

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  1. Hi ladies and gents, I’m shopping for my first Rolex (and fancy watch period) to celebrate a personal milestone. I’m torn between a 31mm or 28mm Datejust in Everose TT. They look so similar that I second guess myself... in some ways I figure, if they look the same, why pay extra for 31mm? Could do something else with the extra funds. ;) Let me know which looks better on me and/or which you’d recommend period based on any other factors.

    FYI I tried on both these dial colors in store bc that’s what they had on display, but I’m also considering the chocolate dial with Romans (may only come in 28mm though) so would love your advice on that front too. I definitely want everose TT. I mostly wear white gold jewelry but I don’t mind having a statement piece in a totally different color scheme on my wrist. TIA!

    21DAF74E-E03A-4F38-AB2B-6E6D1223CE41.jpeg 998E8FE8-3D4C-4346-AA07-403B6ED329BC.jpeg
  2. Go with the 31. You will be happier years down the road because you won't be looking at a tiny face. I also think the 31 fills your wrist better. I think the chocolate dial will make the watch harder to read in certain situations, but if you prefer it: go for it.
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  3. My vote is for 31mm. I think the size suits your wrist better and you will appreciate the larger size as you get older. The chocolate face with romans (diamonds for VI) is available in the 31mm, but if you want romans only with no diamonds, the 31mm it is only available with a all rose face with romans and white face with rose romans. GL!
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  4. I think the 31 is the perfect size - not too large and not too small.
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  5. Thanks for the advice, everyone! So I was pretty intent on the 31 when I went back in but then I saw the chocolate dial in person.... and it just spoke to me (at least more than the other colors available). Unfortunately it’s only available without diamonds in the 28 so I just got it. I do sometimes wish it was the 31 but I suppose I still have a Rolex or two left in me in this lifetime so I will just get my 31 next. Ideally after it gets the new 2236 movement. And with diamond markers. :biggrin:

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  6. I like plain diamonds, too but that chocolate dial is so pretty. Great decision!
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  7. Very pretty! Always good to go with your heart!
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