Help me choose my next bag! :)

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  1. Hi everyone! I've decided to get a new LV and I'm having trouble deciding which one is best for me. I'm looking for a good everyday bag; I have a Speedy 30 in mono, which I love, but I want something with a shoulder/crossbody strap. I'm interested in the Neverfull MM, Speedy Bandouliere, or Estrela MM, and I'd love to hear opinions about these - as well as any suggestions of other bags that might be worth a look (both current and older styles, I'm open to both new and preloved). Thanks!!! :heart:
  2. I like the Estrela MM.
    Have you looked at the DE Marylebone? It's like the never full but a little pricer, more structured, and has feet for extra bottom protection.
    I'm also looking at the Greenwich. It reminds me of a speedy but has a tote opening for easier access.

    Good luck!
  3. Speedy Bandouliere is great. How about delightful, metis, Sully or portobello ?
  4. I suggest Neverfull in azur! you already have a speedy, and the azur would be amazing for spring/summer :smile: GL
  5. estrela mm is a great everyday bag! Good luck deciding!!!👍
  6. I think the neverfull is a wonderful classic tote :smile:
  7. for shoulder/crossbody, i would get a speedy bandouliere in damier ebene. i know you already have a speedy, but the bandouliere offers so much versatility. the neverfull is also great, but there is nothing like a crossbody for hands free wear during travel or shopping.
  8. I used to love my Estrela... but after a while, with all my makeup in the zippered pocket, it made the body collapse and very sloppy when I would put it down. (Not sure why that bothered me, but it did lol) I just feel with the weight of the leather and interior fabric, they should have given it more structure. Neverfull always seems to fall off my shoulders when I'm rushing around. Not to mention you can't use either of these as a cross body. Personally since it's large purchase, perhaps you should stick with what you know you already love and get the Speedy Bandouliere in azure. OR Perhaps go down to your local boutique, have them bring out the shoulder/crossbody bags and ask them to put a weighted item in it and move around the store... sort of a test drive, to see how you feel with it. Either way this was a long winded response! Way too much coffee this morning! LOL Have fun and good luck!
  9. Definitely look at the Delghtful MM.. Great everyday shoulder bag!
  10. The Sully is another great everyday bag. Good luck on your search.
  11. estrela or Nf
  12. The Neverfull and Delightful are both great everyday bags.
  13. Thank you so much for the input everyone! To be honest I'm a little relieved to hear a less than perfect review on the Estrela… it was my top choice but also the most expensive :P

    I think I'm starting to lean toward the Speedy B in DE… I'd love to get the NF to have something a little different since I have a speedy but I've been looking through the forums and seeing a lot of things that concern me about the quality of NFs, especially with the DE (straps peeling, etc). Are the quality issues overhyped, or worth basing the decision on?

    Keep the opinions and suggestions coming! :smile: