Help me choose my next bag! =)

  1. I'm looking for something girly, preferably worn on the shoulder, and in pink or red. Here's what I've been considering so far:

    1. Fuchsia Denim Mini Pleaty


    2. Framboise or Rouge Reade PM


    3. White Multicolor Shirley


    4. Red Jasmin (I already own a Speedy, so it might be silly to get another bag similar in function)


    If none of these are appealing choices to you, what would you suggest? You could also suggest items from different designers in addition to LV. The items I usually carry are small agenda, key cles, cellphone, some smaller makeup items, and a pen.

    Thanks in advance for your help ladies! I've been driving my boyfriend and myself crazy with this lately :upsidedown: :lol:
  2. I like the first two the best! (Framboise for #2 :biggrin:)
  3. Fuchsia Denim Mini Pleaty for sure! It is so cute:heart:
  4. I narrow it down to the Denim Mini Pleaty and the Epi Jasmin... :biggrin:

    ...but if I had to choose one... I'd choose the Epi Jasmin?
  5. Fuchsia Denim Mini Pleaty;)
  6. I like the Shirley- totally impracticle but gorgeous!
  7. red vernis!
  8. Rouge Reade PM all the way Ping.
  9. The rouge reade!!
  10. I vote for the even numbers of two and four. Between those two, I would choose four. Epi is so durable and almost worry free.
  11. since pink denim is for this seaon only i'd grab it now before they are all gone.

  12. Rouge Reade PM! Sorry, I'm not really into the other shapes and can't get into the denim.

    Let us know what you decide!
  13. White Multicolor Shirley! :biggrin:
  14. The shirley is very cute but I too would recommed the pleaty because they will not be around much longer in that color
  15. I would get the fushica denim, it looks the most functional and will fit on the shoulder. The framboise PM is lovely,I have one, but it won't fit easily on the shoulder and has no closing clasp. I still love it though!