Help Me Choose My Next Bag!

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Which Bag?

  1. Manhattan Now

  2. CB Papillon Now

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok, just a nice and quick little poll. I need help choosing which bag to get, as they are both on my wishlist. Should I get the Manhattan PM now and the CB Papillon later, or the CB Papillon now and the Manhattan later? They are both within $50 of each other so the price doesn't matter.
  2. I voted for the Manhattan first.. theres just somethin so chic about her! haha
  3. I love the Manhattan. I used mine for the first time today. It goes with everything. The pappilion is a hard size to wear for everyday IMO. Good luck choosing!
  4. mmmm manhattan pm all of the way!! soooo classic and gorgeous to boot...i love that marc jacobs influence on it with the big chunky hardware and pockets!
  5. Manhattan PM!!
  6. CB Pap...Only because it's not an easy bag to find. I think the Manhattan will always be there.
  7. ^True, also the condition of the CB pap is amazing, almost perfect, while the condition of the Manhattan is not great...
  8. Manhattan! :tup:

  9. :tup: ITA!
  10. CB Pap for sure.
  11. CB Papillon... so hard to come by and a collector's piece. Manhattan will always be within reach.
  12. I change my vote - if you are going used for both, get the one in the best condition. The CB is really nice and hard to find.
  13. manhattan!
  14. I chose Manhattan, darling, because the fall season is fast approaching!
  15. Ok, well the seller is giving me an amazing deal on the CB papillon, the Manhattan will have to wait until next week:graucho: