Help me choose my next bag: Cocoa Venetia or Guinevere


Venetia or Guinevere: Which is the most beautiful? Or which do you like more?

  1. Venetia

  2. Guinevere

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  1. I really cant make up my mind!

    Please tell me which one you like more, and why

    *The Venetia I am looking at is a bit darker than the one in the picture, and has gold harware too

  2. my boyfriends mom has the guinevere, (after i got her slightly addicted to MJ :p.) it's a gorgeous bag!! ever since seeing hers, i've wanted to add one to my collection...the size is great and the style is so classic. i just think the venetia is generic MJ...
  3. ^Oooh, do yo uknow if she has the small Guinevere, or the large?
  4. im fairly certain it's the large :yes:
  5. I'm not loving in the Guinevere, simply because it looks too plain.

    At least for the Venetia, it's a signature and classic MJ design! Can never go wrong with classics!
  6. If you don't have a Venetia, then go for the Venetia. It's a classic!
  7. gung you have like 2 venetias already....either go with the guinevere or get a differnt bag, how about a stam this time huh???
  8. Venetia! I am so biased since it's my favorite style, but it's so classic and beautiful.
  9. The Venetia is an awesome classic style. It is a beautiful bag.
  10. I voted for the Venetia!
  11. Both are beautiful, but I am partial to the Venetia!