Help me choose my new LV

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  1. I'm going to buy a new LV this week, and have about $1650 to spend. I have been thinking about Damier trevi PM, speedy 30 and monogram denim sunray. What would you choose(any LV around $1650)?

    I already have a monogram tivoli GM and mahina XL.
  2. Trevi!!
  3. Trevi!!!
  4. Trevi
  5. why don'y you get an alma in vernis??? =)
  6. Trevi
  7. Trevi PM
    Alma Vernis
  8. Trevi PM
  9. Trevi

    or damier alma
  10. Trevi or Alma vernis
  11. Trevi
  12. Trevi
  13. Trevi!
  14. alma vernis!
  15. I'd say speedy 30 since you don't have one yet. Trevi is a bit similar to Tivoli in the sense that both are shoulder bag (well, Trevis is like 50%) with pleats. Speedy will best complement your current collection.