Help me choose my new cles


Help me pick a new cles

  1. Monogram Groom

  2. Vernis/ Noisette

  3. Vernis/ Framboise

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  1. I'm saving up for my nexy LV cles. :wlae: Need your advice

    Monogram Groom cles

    Vernis/ Noisette

    Vernis/ Framboise

    BTW, I have one in Perfo/ Green. I want another one I can use everyday. Thanks in advance:love:
  2. Monogram Groom cles
  3. ^ i agree..

    i like the groom didnt think i would but i do itssooo cute
  4. i love the vernis framboise. its a beautiful color! but if you want a limited item and you like the groom then go for this
  5. The groom - it's special!
    And the canvas cles have more room for keys than the vernis ones.
  6. Groom.
  7. I agree that I love the vernis framboise,:heart: but if you want something you can use everyday I'd go with the vernis noisette...

    Or the groom, but since it's a limited edition I know that would make me more protective of it and less willing to use everyday.. but that's just me! I'm a little overprotective of my purses and am trying to loosen up about it.:P
  8. I voted groom. The vernis ones will be out a while longer so get the groom!!
  9. Groom!!!:graucho:
  10. Go with the bright and fun Vernis Cles!

    I will be getting one of those bad boys soon too!! :smile:
  11. I vote for the Groom!!!
  12. I love colorful cles so I say framboise vernis, I'm just not crazy about the groom....sorry.....
  13. get the groom!! it's super cute and LE!!
  14. Groom!!!! :yes:
  15. groom or framboise... I would get them both!