Help me choose my LAST LV bag before a looooong ban!


Which Black MC Bag should be my last LV bag for a lonnnng time?!

  1. Audra

  2. Petite Noe

  3. Speedy

  4. Other, please give ideas

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  1. I've been a bad girl this year buying too many bags but there is one more purchase I feel the need to make before my collection is "complete" and I go on a real LV BAG Ban for a loooong time.

    I am looking for a bag in Black MC and these are my choices: Audra, Petite Noe, Speedy. Here are my current thoughts on each:

    Audra: Cute handheld bag and liking the chains on the handles. I have bags that are similar (open top) in the Bronze Reade and Vavin PM.

    Petite Noe: Has a shoulder strap so would be much easier to carry, esp. with my little ones. I don't have any Noes in any lines but I was thinking of getting one in Mono to use my new Champs Elysees bandeau as a draw string (actually, that is the only reason I bought the bandeau and if I get the Noe in Black MC I prob won't get one in mono).

    Speedy: I fell in love with Ichelle's Speedy but it is pretty pricey and I am not really into the size of it. I already have a Neo in Fuschia, a Damier 25, a mono 25 and a mono Pap 26. Might be hard to carry such a huge bag hand held with all the babies.

    I will be going to the LV boutique tomorrow to try on all these bags and see what I think but would appreciate any thoughts or any ideas from anyone about other bags I may want to consider. Please remember this is my LAST bag for a long time to come so I must LVoe it!!!

    Oh, and the other LV bags I have are: Baggy PM, BH, Musette Tango, Mini Looping, Petite Bucket, Sophie, Pochette, Mini Pochette.

    Thanks in Advance!!!
  2. Before I read and respond, I would like to say:

    You are completely full of it and you will NEVER go on an absolute bag ban. You might be able to hold out for like a month or two, but that's it. Stop kidding yourself! No one believes you!


  3. ^^^^ I know....but humor me! I really do have to get into "mommy" mode and I am STRUGGLING here! LOL
  4. I like the Petit Noe the best!!!
  5. oooh! you're making this tough!!!

    I like ALLLLLLLL of them!!! and also I like the new MC URSULA!!!!
    I voted for MC Noé PM though.... because I already have the MC Speedy and it's getting kinda boring even with all the bling lol. MC audra is cool but has an open top and the flap inside kinda annoys me, so amongst the three you listed I prefer MC Noé PM especially if you`re more of a petite gal. However, if not, I`d totally get the MC Ursula!!!
    Good luck and have fun shopping:biggrin:
  6. WHAT! Noe!? That's MY bag! ROFL.

    Well, I will say that Noe seems like it would be good for you because it's hands free. I'm using my monogram petite Noe today and I really do love this bag. I always leave it undone (drawstring loose, bag has totally open top). So it's like an open-top bag, for me. It's HUGE. There is so much room in it. I don't know if the large size will bother you. It looks really great on, though. The MC ones have that cute pocket, too. We'll see tomorrow!

    Audra... you've been lusting after for a long time. It's VERY you, and you know you like the "smallish handheld open top" category of bags, so it's a safe bet. i guess the question is do you want another of your favorite style (smallish handheld open top) or do you want to try something new. BTW.. you can borrow my Noe for a few weeks if you want to try the style.

    Speedy... I am not so sure about.
  7. i think the petit noe will be so awesome in the mc black! plus, it's a shoulder bag and has plenty of storage to hold your baby stuff too.
  8. I love the Audra!
  9. Peite Noe!!
  10. I don't know if it's true or not but I heard that Audra was going to be discontinued so I vote for Audra.
  11. With little ones, I'd say Noe unless you will be in stroller mode for a while still. Audra is my fave, it's really cute & if you can hang it from a stroller while with the little ones it would be my choice.
    Ursula is a great mix of the two, so it's def worth a look.
    Good luck with ban...I get the impression you're going to need it.[the luck, not the ban]
  12. whateva you get, you are TOTALLY gonna rock it!! :yahoo:
  13. I have the black MC petite noe and I really like it. It was a perfect fit when I tried it on at the store. I love the black MC so much that I am lusting over the black MC speedy now - I kind of wish that I would have spent the extra and just gone ahead a gotten the MC speedy. But, I do love the noe style. So, I guess my vote would be for the noe or the speedy. Let us know..
  14. I voted for the speedy........ this would be my second recommendation, and only second because I already have it......

  15. I really love the Audra, so my vote would be for that.