Help me choose my free Coach bag please

  1. I earned points in my sales training at work that I can cash in for prizes. There are a few bags there... Kate Spade, D & B, and Coach. I have kates, and do not like D & B. Please help me, I have no knowledge of Coach bags at all. Here are the soho mini signature, soho leather demi, soho large hobo, and medium soft duffle. I'm looking for any others and will edit my post. thanks!

    PS I added a few more options towards the bottom - i couldnt edit the attachments!
    soholargehobo.jpg soholeatherdemi.jpg sohominisig.jpg medsoftduffle.jpg
  2. I like the second one...I love the leather flap bags
  3. I too like the second one.
  4. I like the first one!
  5. i like the second
  6. medium soft duffle!! I bought my mom the 2nd one today...well, it's brown, but, almost the same thing and it looks like it can hold quite a bit!!
  7. Another vote for the second one - lucky girl!!
  8. I own the second. That would be my vote.
  9. I would get the large hobo. You lucky girl! :smile:

    Let us know what you decide.
  10. I love number one
  11. i like the first two. depends what you would use it for.
  12. Definately go with leather!! The hobo (first bag) if you are more hippie chick like me... the flap (second bag) if you want something a little more classier.
  13. I love the last one. The duffle looks different yet classy.
  14. Another vote for the second one!
  15. I don't know why the attachments didn't stick. :sad:
    There are a few more, different bags are worth different points. I have enough for any of these. Two if I take less expensive ones... The hampton bag is the most expensive in terms of points. Is the leather on these soft or slouchy? I've never even SEEN a Coach bag in person so I really need help! I'll let you know which I pick and thanks so much!
    And I have the choice of material or leather.
    siggallerypouch.jpg eastwestdemi.jpg hamptons.jpg sigswingpack.jpg