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  1. Hello ladies
    I am new to the forum and looking to purchase my first LV and can't decide on one,I have a toddler so a small bag is out of the question,I am thinking maybe the popincourt haut or the perf speedy in fuscia which apparently is hard to find because it's a limited edition.Any feed back would help and if any one has a picture of themselfs carrying any of the purses,I would like to see, so pls some visual aids or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciatted.
  2. I think that you'll probably get lots of recommendations for the batignolles horizontal. I have it and love it! The damier saleya would also be a good one to check out.
    If you scan the visual aids thread, you will see lots of great pictures of many bags!
  3. Check out the Louis Vuitton Visual Aid Photo Thread, you'll see a lot of TPF members strutting their collections of LVs. Since you have a small toddler, I would recommended a tote like handbag that has a zippered closure so you don't have to worry about anything falling off when you're lifting or chasing around your toddler. My recommendation is to check out the Cabas Piano, Mezzo, Lockit Horizontal, and the Saleya family. :yes:
  4. I agree that the Batignolles Horizontal deserves a look. In fact, today I'm going to LV to try one. :yahoo:
  5. I would recommend a Damier/monogram Alma cause its so versatile. Just got my 1st Damier Alma a few months back and just love it!! Its good for travel cause you can buy an optional strap around 125 Euros, attach to the bag and sling it across your shoulder for casual wear and its great for shopping or travel. For dinner, just remove the strap (if you wish) and sling it on your arm!! It looks very classy! The Damier version looks interesting with a red lining. However, read in the forum that the red lining bleeds but I don't have such problems so can't comment!!! Just have to take extra care especially avoid getting the bag too wet like zip it when not in use!! Hope this helps!!
  6. If you have a toddler I would not recommend a hand held bag for your right now. You may want to get one later on, in a year or so, but right now do yourself a favor and get a shoulder bag. I would say either the BH if you want mono, or a Cabas Piano if you don't mind the leather bottom. If you want damier, the saleya is great. I can wear it on my shoulder, but not everyone seems to be able to especially with a heavy jacket.
  7. i agree with the ladies about batignolles horizontal. in my opinion i think that an open top bag is more accessible especially during "emergencies." if you want a zip top, a cabas mezzo is a good size.

    if you want a damier bag, the chelsea is awesome too!
  8. I have a toddler and I definitely say the Batignolles is not a stiff monogram like the Alma (Alma was horrible even w/ the strap with a baby/toddler). My son is 2 and the BH is great and moves w/ you....if you know what I mean. Also you can adjust the straps to what you are most cofortable with. I can store diapers there as well and no-one can see:roflmfao: Highly think BH~ from a fellow toddler mom....who needs her arms free!:flowers: