help me choose my first the City

  1. I finally decide to get my first b-bag: the City! Since it will be my most expensive bag, I want to wear it to work too(my company's dress code is business casual).

    Please help me select a color that is good for going to work. Most of my clothing is black and beige. I wear red trenchcoat or jacket sometimes too.

    Thanks a lot!
  2. black?...
  3. Black, Camel, or maybe Rouge Vif?
  4. Ink! Blue india and white would be nice too.
  5. INK! i'm so in love with that color and must have it, so I definitely recommend it. Oh and it'll go with most of your color choices! :yes:
  6. Any darker colors will be safe for business? Or any browns? So having said that, I would go for the S/S 07 Cafe!
  7. By the colors you mentioned you wear I think Ink would be awsome!
  8. Since ink is a hard color to find these days maybe a marine or the Black/grey shiny color that I can't spell the name of from the spring colors.

  9. anthracite??? I think that is the black/grey one:heart: :heart: Thank you atelier naff for educating bbag newbie like myself :love:
  10. anthracite (very dark gray, charcoal) sounds great, a little more special than black I think. Even if I wouldn't mind a black b-bag myself.
  11. I'd say Greige,White or Rouge Vif :heart::heart:
    Good luck for ur first BBag purchase factor
  12. I'd personally go with a Black City-it is safe and timeless!All the other colours mentioned sound really nice, too, though!:yes:Let us know which one you get!
  13. i would say go for brownish color...
  14. For a first b-bag, I would go for a Black City
  15. truffles and camels look great with neutral should also consider the work for an office/business bag-- it fits more! and I love love the style! except no shoulder strap like the city...:yes:
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