Help me choose my first RM!

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm trying to choose my first RM and I've got it narrowed down to 2 purses. The Matinee in wine or the MA in black basket weave. I love them both and will probably end up with them both at some time but I need ya'lls help picking which one to get first!:yes:
  2. Im having a hard time finding a matinee in wine, so Id say to try and get the black basket weave, maybe thats easier to find
  3. Hmmm...both excellent choices! They ARE getting harder and harder to find, so probably whichever one you can get your hands on first! If you have a specific use in mind...MA is more adaptable to both professional and casual use while the Matinee is fun and funky but might not fit in a conservative office.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions!! I actually am expecting the MA in the mail tomorrow but found a great deal on the Matinee so I'm torn! I wish I could get them both now but I just bought a bag last month so I'm to my limit.
  5. ^YAY! In that case...BOTH! The wine matinee is getting harder and harder to find. Don't miss your chance! (Or share so someone else can snag it =P)
  6. lucky you! That MA looks gorgeous!
  7. Excellent point by mockinglee. I personally love the RM wine color in ANY style so I'd go for that one (if you can find it)! :tup:
  8. Alright I'll spill the beans on this wine Matinee since I'm (painfully) going to pass on it for now:graucho:. Let's just say to check eBay!!! I hope someone here gets it! It's beautiful! Now I can't wait for my MA to get here tomorrow..
  9. I did see that one on there...but Im skerred of eBay lol
  10. ^^ I know what you mean about ebay! But it looks like the seller has excellent feedback so I wouldn't be to worried about it...haha I almost bought it if that tells you anything! I have to much trust in sellers on ebay!

  11. I remember that Wine Matinee.....that was the one from Cami boutique that sold for under $300....actually $200 and change.
  12. Im tempted...but the auction says there are a couple marks on the bag...hmm