Help me choose my first, please

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  1. First LV - help!
    I 've got it bad! I'm a longtime Coach girl making the jump to Louis Vuitton. OK, confession: it was the Keith Richards ad that did it.

    I plan to buy myself my first LV for my birthday next week, and I'm having a hard time deciding. Here's the progress I've made so far:

    shoulder bag
    not too small, not too large
    prefer it to sit up on its own

    Considering: Popincourt Haut, Neverfull MM (does it need the shaper?) maybe in the new Sprouse roses (I'm crazy for the raspberry alcantara suede lining!)

    Drawn to styles like Viva Cite, Sac Flanerie, and all the Murakami but especially the cerises and watercolor... but don't know how to buy a legit used one. My concern with the Neverfull, Cabas Piano, etc is how few outside pockets there are for things like phones (I have two, one ofr owrk and my iPhone) and three sets of keys. I am always scrambling to find what I need.

    I want to start with a bag that I can live with daily, that can take me from work to errands to dinner with girlfriends.

    Thoughts and guidance? Thanks so much in advance!
  2. do you have a budget ???
  3. I have batignoless verticale and I LOVE it!
  4. I'll take the Neverfull Monogram !!! it last forever !!

    Moreover monogram line are a must !!! i mean it's timeless. So i think you should go for it !!;)
  5. neverfull mono, galliera mono :smile:
  6. Depending on your budget I can also recommend Tivoli, Beverly and the Trevi.
  7. I'd like to stay under $1500, better yet under $1000 so I can start saving for the inevitable NEXT one :smile:
  8. Forgot to mention: Batignolles Horizontal is the other one I'm considering...
  9. Tulum PM or GM - Gorgeous bags with an outside pocket and one inside for your cell, plus a smaller pocket. They are just beautiful. They fit really nice on your shoulder (just one strap so they don't fall off), and my PM stands on its own. I love it.
  10. Viva Cite is a nice style with all the pockets that you were looking for. Out of all the bags mentioned, I like the NF, BH or Galliera. There is always a purse organizer that you could get, like the purseket, for the bags without a lot of pockets.
  11. I really like my popincourt haut. I can really fit a lot of stuff in there without going overboard. Its a nice daily bag. Because I have two small kids my next bag will be a neverfull because it just holds so much stuff! No more toting around my diaper bag I can fit what I need in there with no problem. Although the Galliera swoons me...there is a good deal on one at right now its a PM for $875.

    Always check out the authenticate this Louis Vuitton thread before you purchase anything. The malleries and bonazle are good places to buy LE or hard to find pieces. Less saturated with fakes but ALWAYs get it authenticated first. And, I always take mine to my SA to get a definative answer. Sometimes they are unsure of older retired pieces though...

    Have fun!! And let us know what you decide!
  12. With the styles you mentioned, I would recommend that you go and try on the Neverfull Roses MM. Use a purseket, or something like it, for organization and you'll never have to worry about finding anything. You'll have a fantastic standout bag!
  13. Either a Batignolles Horizontal or a Neverfull
  14. What about the batignolles horizontal or the mono galliera?
  15. mm my favoutire is speedy 25 mono but its ur desicion