Help me choose my first pair (wide feet)

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  1. I was at Saks yesterday and decided to finally give it a shot. I only had a few minutes before closing time, so I only tried on the Bianca 120 in 40.5 They fit fine, needing maybe a little stretching to break them in. I'm planning on going back, but am wondering if there are any other you ladies think I should try. I found that the profile view to look a little wonky.
    I found that the suede were of course the most comfy, followed by leather, then patent. I figured I could do the leather, as I feel the suede can be easily damaged. But do you guys think that the patent leather to be sexier with all types of clothing.
  2. My feet are slightly wide and the Biancas are so comfortable. I've found over time that I can wear just about any CL but buying the right size depending on the style was key. For narrow shoes, I go up probably a full size and then use heel grips so they're snug.

    The Bianca is a great choice for a first. And the patent is so sexy.
  3. Bianca's for a first pair would be a great choice. I love patent because it just looks a little more polished and nicer to me. They are a classic so I would definitely say go with the Bianca.
  4. I have feet on the wider side and I got some Very Prives.
  5. I agree the patent leather is wonderful all of my classics are patent leather!
  6. Thank you. I will look again at the patent. Perhaps I can send them a couple times to the cobbler to be stretched. I was worried about the break in period diff between leather and patent.

    The only reason why Im not a big fan of the prive is because of the cutout. I find that when theres a cutout, my toes compete to fit thru that hole, and it just hurts. I have average length toes, but dont have a sharp angle to them which is why my feet are wide.
  7. I have wide feet and do not suggest getting VP's. My pinky tie falls in the crack and it's so painful when the blister forms. I think the simples are a good for for wide feet.
  8. I have wide-ish feet and I second the Simples, but maybe go up half a size to accommodate the extra width? The patent leather, while beautiful, does make it slightly more painful to break in :sad: