Help me choose my first pair of LV shoes!

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  1. I went shopping with my mommy and her two TPF friends. They are the best aunties! Against my daddy's (Nike Golf) wishes they made me try on Louis Vuitton shoes. Which ones do you think I should ask my daddy to get?

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  2. tee hee. the sneakers look so adorable!!! tell daddy to get you all the lovely shoes at the store and a matching "ba" ;)
  3. Those are some VERY hot shoes!!! :biggrin:
  4. I like the sneakers, my baby sister and I have matching sets of that and she thinks they are comfortable. I love kids in LV shoes.
  5. LOL, I had the best time on this shopping trip!

    I'd go with the neon orange... :heart:
  6. cutie...
  7. I bet those are the same shoes hubby tried on my little princess, lol. The ones on the back wall, right? So funny!
  8. ^^They are going to be shopping buddies some day just like their mommies! LOL
  9. That is SO adorable! The sneakers are love! :smile:
  10. Those pink sneaks look so cute on her!
  11. she was hilarious..and she liked the heels over the tennies :love: you're so lucky you have a mini me!
  12. LOl! Those are great!! I don't think I had anything that wasn't velcro until I could tie my laces myself!
  13. ah the trainers look soooo cute on your daughter!!! You have to get them!!!
    The neons are soo pretty!
  14. Cute :smile:
  15. so cute, love the sneakers. :heart: