Help me choose my first Mulberry bag ,please

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Which one should I buy?

  1. Pink Bayswater (but I already have 3 Pink bags)

  2. Patent Bayswater in purple or white

  3. Roxanne Tote in Blue or red

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  1. I have been long waiting to get a Pink Bayswater bag but last time when I wen to the outlet I didn't buy her bag home and when I went there again. The Pink and Blue color are all gone.

    First, I wanna buy a LV bag but I couldn't choose one yet until last 5 mins ago I visited and I saw a Pink Bayswater :yahoo:. Anyway, I walked into the mulberry boutique many times and I also like some bags.

    Ladies, help me pick one,please.

    Thanks a lot and any comments and answers would be very appreciate :flowers:.

  2. I vote for a pink Bays, since that was your first love! And if you already have 3 pink bags, you obviously like the colour - follow your heart. Purple patent is trendy and beautiful, but I think the non-patent bayswater (pink) would have better lasting power. Roxy is a classic, but a style you would have to try on I think - some find it a bit heavy & bulky to carry, if you're not used to the shape.

    Good luck and let us know what you get!
  3. I have to agree with all that Vicky has said. The pink Bays is gorgeous and will be easier to wear for years.

    Good Luck
  4. Go with the pink. It was the one that shouted out to you.
  5. I vote pink .I've got one and it's a nice gentle pink that's not too obvious. I do love the purple but hope they'll do a none patent version soon. Patent's big at the mo..but it may go out of fashion..also inspecting the patent ..i don't know how well it would wear long term..i thought i saw the potential for cracking.
  6. pink bays
  7. I would say the bayswater in pink, aswell!
  8. Thanks Gals :smile: