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Help me choose my first LV!

Inky Paws

Oct 19, 2005
Okay all of you Lv experts, which bag do you think would be best! Here is my criteria: Must be large, must be carried on shoulder, must last for years and I really like to have an outside pocket or easy access to keys, phone & sunglasses. I've narrowed it down (I think) to the Multipi-cit' ($1,130) or the Horizontal Batignolles ($750).

Thanks for your opinions!


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Nov 1, 2005
If it must have an outside pocket, then Multiplicite is for you...

But if you are willing to live without the outside pocket and even style wise, I would go with the Batignolles. There is a cell phone pocket and there's an inside zipped pocket as well.


Us bound
Dec 9, 2005
I really like the Batignolles design, so I would pick that one. Though if you like the outside pockets in the multipi then that's for you.
Maybe the bucket or the Cabas Piano?? :P The Vavins are cute too :smile:

Sorry, I guess I'm no help :shame:


Bonne vivante
Oct 24, 2005
Not to sound like a broken record, but I love my Batignolles Horizontal! It was my first LV bag. I am one who needs interior pockets in a bag, and love the fact that the BH has a cell phone pocket. If you have a key clip, there's a D-ring; otherwise you can put keys in the zippered pocket. This is the bag I use most often for work. It's big enough to comfortably carry a notebook and files (would fit a laptop, but I don't have one) but not so big as to be awkward to carry with less stuff inside. It's a softer bag than it looks in the picture, but not slouchy. I also get lots of compliments on it, the style is really nice and looks good.

Inky Paws

Oct 19, 2005
I do like the clean classic lines of the batignolles, even though it doesn't have an outside pocket like the MC, but I don't know if I would get tired of having each item in a different little pocket on the outside. so please keep your opinions coming as I don't have a LV store in my state and will have to order on-line.

Smiles and thanks!
Dec 6, 2005
Oh I love an imminent LV purchase!! I think that by all accounts the batignolles is a great bag, very roomy and a great price. I must say that I have the MC and don't wear it often, I find it a little awkward under the arm and the opening is sort of narrow for my taste. have you considered Cabas or Luco? I would go with one of those and the Batignolle before the MC


Nov 29, 2005
Another vote for the BH. It has a more classic and uncluttered look to it.

Aren't you in OK? Are you anywhere close to the big D? Why not make a weekend shopping trip down there to check them out at an LV boutiue? I know I've done this in the past where I lusted after bags from their catalog to only find out they didn't hang, feel or look right in person. Considering it's your first LV, gotta choose a bag that you'll love for a long time.


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
I much prefer the batignolles, personally though, I would probably get the vertical rather than the horizontal.

Also, you may want to take a look for the cabas piano, it's also a great over the shoulder bag.


Dec 24, 2005
I vote for the Batignolles also. I am always opposed to a cell phone pocket on the outside of a bag. Yes, the MC is a LV bag, which is great, but I don't think the design of it is that appealing, although I'm sure it's very functional. My sister tried it on this weekend, and we decided that it wasn't a good choice. One of the reasons is that if you carry it on your right shoulder someone could come up and just snatch your cell phone.

I'd say go with the Batignolles - it's a very classic bag.

Let us know what you decide!