Help me Choose my First LV Sunnies!!!

  1. Okay so I been wanting to get some LV Sunnies for a long time but if you kept track of me you probably know that I suck at making decisions well here are my choises, also I like the millionaires just not in the new colors I only like the white and red one's but I missed them and I can't justify paying over 2k on eBay so first choise are the Bindis in sable second choice is the Tonga in black and off the topic choice is the Iphone:nuts: so what's it gonna be?

    and yes I can pull off the Bindis heck with all the Asian men and Neverfull frenzy I am thinking of getting an Azur one when they comeout:nuts:

    1. Bindi Sunglasses in Sable
    2. Tonga Sunglasses in Black
    3. Apple Iphone
  2. Yay! I love threads that pertain to helping someone choose a pair of sunnies!!! :yahoo:

    Don't get the Tonga's because I am going to get them soon. :p Nah, j/k. Get 'em! They're effing hot!

    The Bindi's are also hot! However, not many people can pull them off. But, to each his own. :amuse:
  3. I also like the Tongas!!
  4. ^^^ Thanx John yeah the tongas are Hot I loved them ever since I saw a picture of them on GQ and yeah the Bindis are kind of hard to pull off like you couldn't wear them to church:roflmfao: but again the Tonga's are as oversized as the Bindis...
  5. okay so that's 2 votes for the Tongas I am amazed I thought I was the only one that liked them...
  6. OT: Do you think the Tongas and the Alhambras look the same?
  7. No they are completelly Different the Tongas have more of an Aviator Shape and are a conbination of metal and plastic and the Alhambras only have a metal bar going across and the Tongas are Spring Summer and the Tongas don't have a fade on the lense they are opaque...
  8. neither are my style but I'd say the tonga's
  9. Tongas are sexy as hell... I adore them.
  10. Hey!!

    Definately go the Tonga's - - the colour and sytyling is timeless (i.e. more than one season)

    The Bindi's are OK, but IMO will 'date' very quickly.

    To put it simply - the Tonga's are EFFING HOT!!!

    Decision made I say!!!
  11. hmm lookis like everyone likes the tongas but I need more opinions:smile: keep them comming guys...
  12. I say the tongas. THe bindis are a bit too trendy to me.
  13. Tonga Tonga Tonga Hot Hot Hot
  14. god I forgot I have to do modeling pics if I get LV sunnies:whistle:
  15. anyone have a pic of the tongas in action?

    I'm not feeling it by looking at the pic.