Help me choose my first LV (Messenger bag)...

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  1. Please, help me choose my first LV !!
    I'm searching for a nice messenger bag for work and m study.

    Now I found a few LV bags.. Which one do you think is best for me..? Or maybe you own a LV messenger bag yourself...?


    Monogram Canvas Messenger GM Bosphore


    Musette Salsa



    Can you guys help me out...?
  2. I like the Bosphore messenger the best. It is light weight to start and the wide strap distributes the weight better. The salsa is pretty but not as comfortable. The Bastille seems a bit heavier to start with. If you are able go to the store put your stuff in all three bags and then see what you prefer.
  3. My vote is the Bosphore too! But i would go to the store and have a look at all the messenger bags you like!
  4. My vote is going towards the Bosphore simply because of the pocket in the front and back, along with the D-Ring on the front, which you can hang a Cles off of. :tup:
  5. bosphore or bastille. have you checked out the damier geant series? if you are concerned about the weight of the bags, the damier geant is really lightweight. i own a compagnon and it is really light and sturdy at the same time.
  6. ABBESSES is very sturdy and big enough for work. I reccommend it.
  7. I would vote for the Bosphore. I think weight of the bag is the most important next to being functional. The Bastille is great but its heavy and the tango is not as comfortable like dcooney4 said. Let us know what you end up with :smile:
  8. Thanks guys, i really appreciate your help!

    I'm doubting between Bosphore and Bastille, i think the Bastille looks more classier and more feminin.

    And than the question: which line/print? The Monogram Canvas or the Damier Canvas? Are both bags available in more prints or not...?

    I'm sorry for all the questions, i'm a LV-beginner ;)
  9. i like the bosphore waaay better than the others. the bastille looks a tad too masculine to me...

    Bosphore looks very functionable.
  10. How about naviglio Azur? :graucho:
  11. i like the Monogram Canvas !!!
  12. i have the Monogram Musette Salsa, and i love it. it's a good size and very comfortable. you can fit a decent amount in it if you arrange everything properly :P
  13. I have the bosphore PM (smaller, and doesn't hold books or papers) and really like it!!

    I looked at the salsa and found it too small, and the bastille too masculine.
  14. ITA