Help Me Choose My First Lady Dior!!

  1. Medium Lambskin Lady Grey.
  2. Medium red LD in lambskin!
  3. black color is never die!!!
  4. I love all the colours but I think after a while the lighter and brighter might not look as prisistine as the black so I say black with silver hard wear medium £2300 at the min I want one to was going to mail order it but think it will be much nicer to go into store xx
  5. For your first Lady Dior, definitely go's gorgeous! I prefer black or grey with silver hardware...
  6. :smile: +1 OR you can dish out for a Croc, which Im sure would be great as well :biggrin:
  7. ur choise but just remember that that if ur going for,

    patent take oly black o navy, coz patent is harder to handle!! nd better to go for a darker color!! personally i love black its just too classic!but for something trendy a beige! pink is not a very lady like color! so it wont at all b classic! blue is best suited if u want a mix o both !! coz if ur young its probably harder to tc o pink o beige!

    nd get a large! as u mayb carying more stuff@ i have the medium though m oly 19 coz i feel if ur buying a lady dior the large looks wierd at dinners nd clubs at night !!! so i took it oly for a sophisticated night time look!
  8. I just bought my first Dior Lady Bag too and My one is Baby Pink in Patern, Medium Size, I love it so much. Its very nice colour. Its suitable for young people, the colour is not so bright or colourful , its very light and sweet, you can go with any clothes as well. I have worn many clothes, colours, styles and match with this bag, it goes perfectly. This is my first Lady Dior and a gift from my mother for my birthday this year ;).

    So I hope you will choose the best colour you like. Go for patern, its stunning, shiny, rather than leather, it looks not luxury, esp for this model. Medium size is truly perfect.
  9. I disagree, it's always been a girly colour and a pale pink like Bois de Rose or Foulard can be quite elegant whereas a brighter pink colour suits women who want to make a statement to her outfit. Personally, I'm saving up for the Bois de Rose python New Lock pochette, the combination of the colour with the exotic skin on the pochette itself exudes elegance and simplicity for the Dior brand without advertising itself too blatantly because it doesn't have the identifiable Cannage stitching like the other New Lock pochettes
  10. By lady like i meant graceful and sophisticated, something to be carried by a women as supposed to a girl!
    Black is way more ladylike red blue too, pink for me any shade is sober n elegant and not a color to get such a ladylike bag in, the new lock u chose is superb, very feminine goes well, pink suits it n gives the bag a unique look,
    But for a lady dior pink wudn do the bag justice
    Its a personal opinion :smile:
  11. Michi, u just made me fall in love with the bag u chose, i might get this one too now haha thanks :yahoo: