Help me choose my first Gucci bag!

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm in a dilemma about what to pick for my first Gucci.

    I've made up my mind on the GG padlock supreme shoulder bag (large, not the mini) but cant choose between the all over black leather or the gg supreme coated canvas with the navy flap.

    I know I would absolutely love the all black but I already have 4 black bags and think I really should go for something different. Im just not sure that the coated canvas and navy flap would be as classic as the all black?

    Im also unsure as to how the coated canvas will hold its shape compared to the leather?

    I started wanting the marmont mini shoulder bag but wasn't sold on the hardware as its more of a antique look.


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  2. I recently bought my very first Gucci. The medium Sylvie bag in white. It is gorgeous!!! I love a good hardware but never warmed up to large logos, too in the face for me. The Sylvie bag looks amazing. I like the red too and the pink is expected to come in a few months. I will have to baby the white one but it is so stunning!!
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  3. Seems like you really like the all black version. Do you use all your other black bags? Otherwise it might be a suggestion to sell one of them and get the all black Gucci instead ;).
    Always get what you love most. The coated canvas is nice too, and would be a great add to have some variation, but only if you really like that one.
    Did you already try them on at Gucci? Perhaps that could help you too to make a decision :smile:.
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  4. I am a HUGE fan of the large Padlocks. They are a variation of a classic Gucci bag from the 1950s that's come back time and time again. I liked the green (a colour I'm often drawn to) but there was also a lovely GG-print and yellow python too

    I agree with Chanel, always go with the one you most love (maybe there's a reason you often go for black bags) and also urge you to try on each and compare
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  5. Thankyou Chanel and Papertiger!! I'm in love with both so really I agree, I need a trip to Gucci to finally decide.

    I hadnt gone there yet to try as I know I'll probably find more items to be tempted over !! I really also love the black GG signature version which would be a happy medium between the two but does anyone think the print looks tacky?

    What a problem to have!

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