Help me choose my first coin purse!

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Help me choose a color for first mini coin!

  1. 2008 Anthracite

  2. 2009 Praline

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm new to Balenciaga subforum, and I've fallen in love with the coin purses. Trying to decide between two, the 2008 anthracite (is this gray or black) or praline. Any thoughts? I love both colors.
  2. First vote for Anthra! You gotta think that if the coin purse is floating around in your bag, it would have tendency to get scratched and maybe a little bit dirty. So how about the darker color?

    I love that your name is ReRe too. Haha. :amuse:
  3. Anthra
  4. Thank you both, and I wondered about the lighter color getting dirty. For some reason I'm always drawn to light creamy white/off white colors....I have 4 Chloes in various shades of white. Keep the input coming, I'd like to get it quickly, both are on ebay and seem to be from a reputable dealer.
  5. You could... get both. :woohoo:
  6. Also...should you decide to go for the Praline, Bal bags seem to be more fragile than Chloe bags. So even though the lighter shades of Chloe bags don't soil too easily, I think the Bal lighter colors would. Different types of leather and a different type of finish, you know? I think Bal leathers are more porous than Chloe leathers.
  7. I'm sure after I get my hands on one...there will be more. Is there any way to hang these on the bags...thought I saw one hanging on the accessory thread but possibly it wasn't the mini coin purse. Is anthracite truly gray or black? I've listed both on the authenticate thread to be sure before I buy. PS Love your name ReResaurus
  8. ^^ Um... I think you could hang them? But what if it falls off?! Maybe you could hang it by the zipper O-ring?

    Anthra is a chameleon color, it depends on the lighting and each anthra is known to be different. Even the same year, same "anthra" could look totally different on two batches of leather... so its important to look/ask for one that is a true gray. Most I've seen are either more green hued or blue hued.
  9. Reresaurus, I posted the link on authenticate...maybe you could post there if you think it looks gray..
  10. ^^ I'm not worthy! Would need a better camera and some friggen sunlight during the daytime to do that. Thanks for the intro, this thread is a great idea.

    My favorite are the ones where the bags are out and about living their lives and getting broken in.
  11. That one looks pretty gray to me. More on the gray/blue side rather than greenish which I personally don't prefer.

    Careful though, since this seller sometimes recycles his own pictures (instead of taking new ones of the "actual" product). Maybe you could ask them if that is the actual CP you'll receive or if you can see pics of the actual one first.
  12. I think I'd prefer a blue gray to green gray, I'll email the seller.
  13. Good idea. Keep us posted!

    Blue/Gray is a cooler looking color. If it's green/gray, then it kind of looks like a faded back IMHO. :nogood:
  14. Thanks ReRe---don't make me steal your avatar picture to post on the art thread..please put it in, you are worthy.