Help me choose my first Coach

  1. I do not have any Coach bags - can someone tell me which series has the softest squishiest leather? I can look on eBay as well once I know what I am looking for.

  2. the legacy leather is a very soft amazing material. i own a few of the soho bags in leather are they are wonderfully soft. what do you mean by "squishy" though?
  3. I don't have many leather Coach bags, but from what I've seen most (if not all) of the leather is really soft. And I agree with batgirl0711 that the Legacy and Soho lines are soft leathers.
  4. Most definitely Legacy and Soho. I love the legacy collection, BUT they are a heavier bag. Just an FYI . . .
  5. A leather Carly would be pretty "squishy..."
  6. Pebbled Soho always looks the softest to me.
  7. definitely! as is my ergo tote.
  8. "squishy" meaning - I don't like structured
  9. Perhaps the Carly? It's a sloucher.
  10. My advice.
    Take your time and look (Coach,com, in stores, ect).
    When you see the one that makes you say WOW, that's the one!:yes: