Help me choose my first Chloe!

  1. I've been looking at the Chloe online and i've so far narrowed it down to two options. I don't have any Chloe purses, so this would be my first. I need opinions!!! Thank you so much!!!!
    paddington zip.jpg silverado.jpg
  2. I prefer the Silverado!
  3. Love that paddy, but also love the silverado- I am no help! I guess I would go for the paddy. You can't go wrong either way, they are both fantastic!
  4. i vote for the silverado.
  5. I tried the Silverado IRL and I love it!
  6. Yea, the more I look at the silverado, the more i fall in love :love:

    Thank you for your opinions : ) I :heart: this forum!!!

    So i'm leaning more towards the silverado.. now which one should I get between these two?
    silverado 2.jpg silverado.jpg
  7. Silverado!!! I would go w/the lighter tan one, not the silver. Think it would go w/more.
  8. I love the one on the left!!! It's simply gorgeous! Though my absolute favorite python silverado is the cognac one that Twinklette is getting! ;)
  9. The one on the right is very pretty!!
  10. I vote for the Paddy.
  11. both are beautiful, but I'm not so 'flashy' so I wouldn't opt for python personally, so between the 2, I'd choose the one on the right.
  12. the one on the left!!!
  13. Paddington Zipped Satchel!....saw it IRL, don't care for the Silverado shape.
  14. I could never figure out what to do with the bottom portion of the Zippy Paddy so I don't care for it.... I'm beginning to appreciate the silverado, and prefer the one on the right (muted) but the one on the left could be a knockout if you want a real statement bag...
  15. I prefer the Silverado to the zippy paddy. That said, I only like the plain leather ones, not the python.