Help me choose! My first Chloe!

  1. I'm about to make my first Chloe purchase was wondering if you ladies can help me choose. I can't decide between the Edith satchel in black or the Tekla shopper, also in black. Since I can only afford getting one bag right now, which one should I get??? They are both so beautiful!!!
  2. hi, personally i would go for the edith, but the tekla shopper is on sale at nm atm
  3. Edith!
  4. definately the edith!!!!
  5. Edith for sure....
  6. Edith! I heard the Tekla's leather, though soft, is very thin, so you have to be careful not to carry too much or the leather will tear (some people have had the leather tear where the handles are sewn on).
  7. edith!!! I just bought this one and I am in love with it:tup:
  8. I prefer the Edith as well. I was trying to decide between the two and went with the Edith due to its thicker leather and more structured look. I got the Edith with the long strap, the "messenger" style, which is on sale at NAP.
  9. The big con I see on the Tekla is that I don't like that zipper all shiny and flashing in the middle of an otherwise black bag. It seems kind of jarring to me.

    On pure aesthetics I think Edith wins. But the other consideration is that Edith is being copied (usually poorly) on every street corner and web site in North America. And for me at least that's kind of a negative, unless it's in an unusual enough color that people aren't copying it.

    Oh, I also think the handles on the Tekla kind of look like an after thought, too small, attached at a weird place. . .

    But I'm sure you'll love either one! I'm just being picky here.
  10. Edith...Edith...Edith.....

    hehe...can you tell I'm an Edith lover??
  11. Edith all the way!!! It's classic, timeless, and very useful.
  12. Your first Chloe, eh? You should get the bag that fits into YOUR lifestyle, wardrobe, shoes, work place dress code, etc. I'm mostly a sahm (stay home mom) who wears mostly jeans. I tried out four Ediths and decided that they were not my style and besides, only one out of 4 had the gorgeous smooshy leather that made me fall in love with Chloe paddingtons! I've never seen the Tekla IRL but to me it looks much more casual, as compared to the Edith which has a formal/dressy vibe. So my advice: if the return policy is lenient, then get BOTH and then try them out with various outfits, then decide! But be forewarned: you may end up loving and KEEPING both!
  13. Good advice:yes:
  14. THANK YOU ALL!!! Great advice. I've decided to go with the Edith :smile:
  15. I would definately go with the EDITH!

    They have the Edith's on sale at net a porter right now too!