Help me choose my first Chanel!


Mar 31, 2018

I try to live a sustainable-ish lifestyle, which works out since secondhand and pre-loved pieces are more affordable.

I am planning on purchasing my first investment piece (at age 33) and I just adore the shape and size of the classic small flap and mini square. I found a few that I love on The Real Real and Fashionphile, but don’t know which ones would be the smartest purchase.

I think the burgundy interior is so lovely, but it’s only a feature in the vintage bags apparently? I’m new at this, I apologize! It’s obviously not as much of a deciding factor as the outside of the bag, but I am just wondering if the vintage bags pack anything else in terms of quality, structure, or patina. They seem to be so close to the price of a new one, I can’t figure it out!
Thanks in advance!







Jun 21, 2020
My personal opinion is get a medium Classic double Flap first then a mini,
a camera bag with fringe and so on. :smile:

I have purchased all my preloved Chanel from eBay Japanese sellers, for less in prices and also for eBay 0% or 5.99% 24 month special financing.

if you’re interested and would like to more information, please let me know.
All the best!
Jan 9, 2016
If your going to spend over 3500 on a vintage or preloved bag, you can go to the store and get a brand new rectangular mini! The condition of the bag is really important to me. I like my bags store bought or if preloved to be in excellent condition. I don’t purchase from real real because of their return policy.
Also make sure you look at the sizes of the square mini, because my phone barely fits in it. Good luck.