Help me choose my first Chanel (pictures)

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  1. hi all, i have been wanting a chanel bag for the longest time and i think that i'm finally ready to invest in one!

    I have always wanted a black classic flap bag in caviar with SHW. However i have been really loving the boy bag in the past 2 years. I just fall in love with it again every time i see it. Dont get me wrong, the classic bag is stunning. But its probably not as 'exciting' because its a bag that has been around for years and years.

    As it is my first Chanel bag, i would 100% go for a black one. Whether its a black classic or black boy. Reason is because i wear a lot of black and do not always take care of my stuff so i know i would not be good with other colors.

    Now i saw this amazing black boy bag today at Chanel, however it is a calfskin one. I would have preferred a caviar one i think because I would want to enjoy my bag and would not want to worry about my bag all the time. Does anyone of u girls have experience with a bag in calfskin? How careful would u need to be with the bag? Does it scratches easily?

    Now could u please help me decide on which bag i should get? I am also tossing between a jumbo or a m/l in the classic flap bag! Unfortunately they did not have a black classic flap in size m/l so i took a picture with a blue one. (Just for size reference)

    And now it looks like i have only been talking about the boy bag but i LOVE the classic flap. It is a timeless classic.

    Wow i am so confused lol

    Thanks a lot for reading Please let me know what you guys think!

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  2. They all look beautiful on you. This is a tough choice! If this the classic flap wowed you, you should definitely get the bag that'll make your heart flutter! The boy in the black chevron is also gorgeous. I have a vintage calf tote and it has held up very well. Going strong for being 30 years old. Choose the one that makes you happy!
  3. i'm 5'1" - i love both m/l and jumbo CF's and don't think the jumbo it overwhelming at all bc of the style. however for the boy, bc the style is more boxy, i prefer it in the small/mini or old medium size, anything bigger than that looks like you're carrying a messenger bag, IMHO. you look great with both sizes of the CF, but i'm also a fan of the boy! (saving up for one currently) and i don't think it's going anywhere!! if anything, the popularity only goes up every year. i would consider it a classic and part of the permanent collection like the classic flap and reissue. i would advise you to put both choices right next to each other and pick whichever one you gravitate towards first!! in regards to smooth calfskin, i think it'll be fine!! lambskin is more delicate and even lambskin is very resilient! i personally don't like the look of caviar on the boy bc it makes the bag look even more stiff when the design is already edgy enough. it needs the smoothness of lambskin and calfskin to smooth it out. good luck and let us know what you decide. picking our your first Chanel is such a fantastic experience :happydance:
  4. I love the chevron black boy on you!!
  5. Classic
  6. i am in the exact position you are ! i am debating the black chevron boy or caviar classic flap! the chevron looks really good on you, at the end of the day though its whichever one makes you the happiest, let us know which you've decided on :heart:
  7. also, dont get the classic only because its a "classic" i feel that where i cant decided because the classic flap is timeless, but the boy is also soo gorgeous! sorry, i dont think im helping you :huh:
  8. I think the classic m/l flap size looks great on you. It's the most proportionate to your frame imo. The jumbo seems overwhelming. The boy is gorgeous. I couldn't tell which size it is but I still like the look of the classic m/l on you. If the boy you have on the pic is the new medium; perhaps, try the old medium and see if you like that. Good luck deciding :smile:
  9. I like the classic on you. The rounded flap makes the bag look less boxy than the boy. Good luck in deciding!
  10. They all look great on you! I would do the jumbo flap since it's your first Chanel, i feel like you would get the most use out of it. It may be a little on the bigger side, but definitely not overwhelming on you. And of the three, its the most practical size ( I own all 3 bags and my m/l's I use more for dressier occasions since it doesn't fit as much stuff, and all my boys are old medium, bigger than m/l flap but still a bit tight on space since I don't ever overstuff my Chanels). As for the calf skin, it is pretty durable and you wouldn't have to baby it, but Caviar is the most care free!

    Just think about how you plan to use the bag, do you want something for more everyday that you can transition day to night, or something more for special occassions? And then look at the size and style of the bag, see which would fit your needs and lifestyle the most. Whatever you decide will not be wrong! They're all gorgeous bags =) Good luck with your decision
  11. I find the boy looks good on you! that would get my vote :smile:
  12. I personally rank the m/l classic flap, the boy & jumbo. But really, all 3 look good on you depending on the look you want to pull off.
  13. I like the medium on you the best, but in a classic color, not sure of the colour blocked flap. Then the Jumbo and finally the boy. Id prefer the old medium on you.
    Its so much easier to decide for someone else. I had this same decision to make a while back and I was sooooo confused!!!
  14. I like the first one. Very elegant
  15. +1