Help me choose my first Chanel bag!!

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Which bag should I buy?

  1. Small Boy

    13 vote(s)
  2. WOC

    2 vote(s)
  1. So I'm planning to buy my first Chanel bag soon and I can't decide between the small Chanel boy and the Chanel w.o.c.. I know they're two completely different bags but it would be awesome if you provided me some insight on which bag you would choose and why.

    A concern for me is the length of the strap. I'm only about 5'2. Would the w.o.c. be just too long?


    Thanks in advance!
  2. Boy all the way!! The strap drop on the boy is much more petite friendly. I'm 5'1" and sold my WOC bc it hit way below my hips even when i carried it crossbody and looked terrible on me bc of it!! The pic u posted is the reason why I'm saving up for the small boy!! Lol always thought I wanted old medium size until I saw this pic on IG and started watching review videos on this size!
  3. You need both of them in your life. I find the woc very useful when I go out and just need to carry my phone and a pack of tissues. The good thing about it is that you don't need to carry a wallet as you can store 6 cards, cash and coins in the compartments. However the chain length of the woc is very long and not petite friendly unless you make it shorter by looping the chain inside the bag.
    As for the boy, I love boy bags and the small can look very cute although it won't be able to hold much. The length will be more appropriate for your height as well.
  4. That's what exactly happened to me! I saw a picture of a small boy and I just fell in love!! Did you ever wear your w.o.c with the straps shortened (like how a lot of people wear theirs)? Would that just be a hassle to do every time and would that just damage the leather?
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    Do you find that shortening the straps damages the leather in any way or would it sort of be okay if I got caviar leather?
  6. The small boy will be perfect for you!!! I'm 5'4 and the WOC chain is still way too long on me but the small boy hangs perfectly :smile:
  7. What kind of boy do you have? :biggrin: Thanks for your comment! I might just have to save up a bit more and go for the boy!
  8. yeah i sold it bc it was too much trouble trying to shorten the strap. i know some people (family members included) who shorten the strap on both sides with safety pins through the chain strap but i don't want to have to do that! i say we both save up for small boy (at the current, slightly painful price for a bag that's not even lined in leather LOL but the heart wants what it wants... ) :drinks:
  9. I have a small boy from Fall ACT II of last year that has black & white braided threads and is very pretty :smile: I'd avoid the WOC because even if you loop the chain around the inside of the bag it doesn't stay looped very long if you're opening & closing the WOC and really doesn't shorten the chain that much...
  10. Haha sounds like the perfect plan!! I really want a black one with silver hardware.. I wonder if they're going to release one for this Fall... :hrmm:
  11. You're totally right! I just really like the shape and look of it but I guess that doesn't justify the super long strap :doh: ugh the struggles!
  12. I feel like it depends on what you are using it for... the WOC is great for using for going out/night time activities. I say this because it looks dressier and you can make the strap shorter or you can tuck in the strap and use it as a clutch. The boy looks more casual imo and would be better used for every day and it holds more. BUT I will agree and say that the WOC is quite long even cross body for a petite person.
  13. I agree with Yogathlete. The WOC is so versatile, and is great as an evening clutch. I use mine all the time. The Boy with the RHW is a bit edgier. Have you been to your local store to try either style out? You may find that one style may present itself as the clear winner once you try them on. Good luck!
  14. Small boy!!! I have a WOC and never used it because the strap is too long.
  15. I think the le boy bag is cute
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