Help me choose my first Celine

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  1. I have decided on the mini luggage, now the hard part is choosing between the beautiful colors. I know I want the smooth leather. I have narrowed it down to black, burgundy ocean blue with black handles, and the powder with black handles. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I would do the powder w black handles.. ❤❤
  3. It is beautiful. Little worried about color transfer/stains.
  4. I always asked myself when I make decision. If I want to use it daily or just on weekends so I also have to think my clothes as well. I got myself a tricolor micro which I can use with whatever color of clothes I have and works with my work clothes as well.
  5. Black or burgundy.
  6. I love the ocean w black handles. And I don't even like two tone things! I love blue and black though. Or of course, plain black is always gorgeous. Have you checked what's available at your boutique? :smile: greatest of luck!!! Would love to see your reveal!
  7. Black
  8. I will only be using it on weekends. It won't be an everyday work bag.
    I feel the black or the powder with black is a better choice for my wardrobe.
    I think the powder is very stunning but worry about it getting dirty. I'm also afraid being a light color it may look too overwhelming on me( I'm only 5'3").
  9. I just saw the beige with black black at barneys on Sunday......i initially went in to buy the black...but i ended up leaving with the red...anyways...that beige with black was to die !!!! for... I didn't get it because another lucky woman ended up buying it first... That might have to be my next purchase ..if you didn't see it in person def do so...its stunning!! ;) good luck with your decision...let us know