Help me choose my first (carefree) Chanel

Which one should I get as my first (carefree) Chanel

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Jul 5, 2019
Hi, all! I'm totally a Chanel noob, so I need some help deciding! I'm torn between these two bags that I found on local consignment, both priced almost the same. The fact that they're not in the classic flap category yet have somewhat similar, more-relaxed vibe, really drawn me to it. I'm a casual dresser most of the time, but loves to clash formal-looking accessories into my daily outfit. Votes/comments are greatly appreciated as I'm new to everything Chanel :smile:

*images are taken from various sources*

First contender:
1. Chanel Coco Rain Flap from the Paris-Shanghai Collection, with attached raincoat at the back pocket. Lambskin with SHW - comes with Entrupy authentication
292904550_850074456380842_7688509757459241213_n.png 292647891_1187706198693492_3896261469293702867_n.png Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 5.43.53 PM.png 292772869_453272609592169_6117555722844787913_n.png
I think what made me fall in love with this bag is the fact that it's in smooth lambskin (I have a puzzle bag from Loewe in smooth leather that I use almost daily) and the raincoat feature! Granted, I probably won't use it too often since I can't be bothered to take it on/off all the time, but I thought this feature will make the bag more travel-friendly, and where I live does rain most of the time anyway

Second contender:
2. Chanel Vintage flap from year 2006-2008 (11 series). Jersey with GHW - comes with authenticity card
292896674_1361954041303616_7533470026535903088_n.png 292897163_940340826821061_4499124153381858327_n.png
I love the mix material (jersey on the bag and leather on the strap) and the bigger quilts! The fact that it's a fabric bag doesn't really scare me since I have a Fendi large denim baguette that I use almost daily as well in a brighter color combo, so I thought this bag, in black would be fuss-free.


SIDENOTE: I also noticed that the Vintage jersey one has the authenticity card, which probably adds more value to it in the long run. But I'm also curious about Chanel lambskin, especially since the Coco Rain Flap was from years ago yet the leather looks stunning! Either way, I'm looking forward to using the bag myself so I'm not too fussy about it.

Votes and comments are highly appreciated :smile: Thanks so much in advance!!
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Jul 5, 2019
A choice between lambskin and jersey. . .
I find lambskin quite durable and beautiful.
i would choose that one.

Do make sure that you authenticate and purchase with a secure method too!

Thanks for the reminder, I sure will! I bought secondhand quite often, but it's my first time with Chanel so I'll take extra measures to ensure it's authentic
Just wanna update here and thank you guys for voting/feedback :smile: , I ended up going completely detoured and bought this fun mini rectangular instead! I did saw some reviews on youtube on this particular color/finish and contrary to some risks associated with patent leather, it'll be a carefree fun bag, still (some people on youtube had this bag for years and still in a stunning condition).

I think I have enough black bags so my first Chanel could be something that makes my heart truly sing. The color changes depending on the light which is absolutely a treat :heart:

Thanks for letting me share!
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