Help Me Choose my Casual bag!

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  1. Ok - going in tomorrow to exchange the Batignolles (regular too small). I want a VERY casual everyday throw around bag that is small/medium. Would you choose:

    Popincourt Haut
    Petit Noe
    Cabas Piano
    Batignolles Vertical

    Thanks and I swear I will make a decision and stick with it this time!
  2. From that list: Popincourt Haut

    Write in vote: Speedy 25!!
  3. I would vote for Cabas. That's because I love my Cabas though :shame:
  4. No Speedies in this poll!! :smile:
  5. Haut then Piano (I prefer the Mezzo over the Piano though).
  6. haut then speedy

    I dont think the panio is a toss around bag unless you're buying it used.(just due to the naked leather bottom)
  7. I vote for the Popincourt Haut. :love: Or the BV!
  8. Batignolles (though I recommend the horizontal over the vertical). Though not mentioned, I would also vote for the damier bucket (marais)
  9. From your list I'd pick the Piano. I debated between that and the Batignolles Horizontal. I went with the BH mainly because I didn't want to have to worry about the vachetta bottom on the Piano. I still may get one some day because I think it'd be a very practical everyday bag. My BH is working well for me. It's plenty roomy and I've got easy access to all my stuff.
  10. I don't see the Popincourt Haut as a casual bag because it's more structured. I'd second the recommendation for the Batignolles (H or V).

    Edited to add: I think the Petit Noe would be an excellent choice. It's a classic style but not so structured. It would look great with jeans or work clothes.
  11. Popincourt haut
  12. from that list: petite noe

    write in: speedy!!! speedy speedy speedy. i love my speedy. it is so versital.

    edit: ok. just saw the post about no speedies. :smile: so petite noe. i think they're super cute and casual.
  13. BV....I love that bag!! I see alot now. Its a great bag and so roomy.
  14. Piano, I don't see the PH as casual at all. I bought it for my work purse.
  15. Either Popincourt Haut -or- Batignolles Vertical. :love: