Help me choose my 2nd LV bag!

  1. Hi everyone!

    Need your opinion on what to buy for my 2nd bag. My first one is a Mini Lin Speedy. My choices are: Epi Madeleine PM, a Tivoli PM, or a Mirage Speedy Noir. Which do you prefer? Thanks!
  2. omg. this is totally very close. Blindly b/c its GORGEOUS and LE the mirage speedy but you may not want to have 2 speedys so i second.. BOTH.

    hahaa i'm not very good at this...
  3. Tivoli.. sometimes u need a shoulder bag..
  4. Tivoli!!!
  5. Mirage speedy noir!:yes:
  6. The Madeleine PM can definitely be used as a shoulder bag -- I love mine. But I must say you might want to look at that Tivoli! I have an eye on it too, plus that would give you an LV mono bag which I think is a must! You have good ones picked out!
  7. this is easy, definitely the tivoli PM!
  8. Tivoli, then Mirage Speedy.
  9. tivoli!
  10. Tivoli!!
  11. Get the tivoli! You need a mono bag!
  12. I'd say the tivoli, because of it's versatility ... love the way it can be handheld or worn on the shoulder. But if you like the mirage as well and don't mind having another speedy ... then go for that one since it's LE. You might not be able to get one later ... the tivoli - you can always get at a later time.
  13. Mirage speedy!!!!!
  14. Mirage Speedy Bordeaux:heart:
  15. TIVOLI!!! I ahvent seen it in real life but in pictures it is simply gorgeous!