HELP me choose my 1st pair!

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  1. Ok guys, I have been putting this off long enough (for fear that after my 1st pair I won't be able to stop and go broke!) I want my first pair to be Classic and a style that will never be "outdated". I of course have chosen Black, but here are my decisions....Black Leather or Black Patent and Simples or Very Prive....aww decisions decisions! Any help is great appreciated! Thanks loves!
  2. Black Leather Very Prive...I have them and love them- they go with everything! And the leather is just so beautiful!
  3. Black patent Simples!
  4. kid leather VPs.

    or, if you go simples (which are also great) go 100mm. don't get the 85s!! :smile:
  5. I would have to say VP's! I love mine!
  6. Black patent is my vote!! I'd lean more towards VP's than simples too :smile:
  7. Yes black kid/patent VP's get my vote I feel like patent has the extra oomph so I would probably chose the patent over the kid leather X
  8. Black leather VP's!
  9. oh definitely the VP's over the simples!
  10. Black patent Decollete.
  11. VPs....easily! :biggrin:
  12. Hi Michele,
    My first were black leather simples. I love them, they go with everything and they are seriously sooo comfy. I never thought i would say that regarding a pump! I would love a pair of patents as well, but i love my simples!
  13. black leather VPs
  14. VP without a doubt, i'm so not a simple girl at all. i think VPs are so much sexier.

    oh, and patent!!!
  15. My sentiments exactly! :love: If you are set on choosing between the VPs and simples though, I'd probably get black patent new simples. They are both comfy and gorgeous! I have both VPs and simples, but I find myself wearing closed toe shoes more often than open toe ones... and living in NY adds to that haha. :smile: Good luck deciding! :flowers: